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I have recently bought a Nikon D70 and it has served me well. Although it has one of the brightest .5inch flashes I've ever seen I'd like to upgrade to an external flash. Say my budget is between $100-$150. Now if anyone knows of one that I can get cheaper and is good quality shoot, I'll get that one. But $150 is probably my max that I'll spend unless I absolutely have to go up and beyond that. Considering all this, what would be a good flash to get?

Thanks, Jonathan
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The best bang for your buck would be a Nikon SB-600 but a new one would be beyond your budget. Same thing for the Sigma EF 500 Nikon compatible. Maybe you can find a deal on a used one.

Otherwise you are stuck with automatic flashes, such as the Vivitar 285HV, that have their own sensors so don't use the TTL flash control in the camera. Results are not as good as the two mentioned above.


The D70 can be a wireless remote commander for the SB-600 so can do very creative lighting effects! This is the flash I use with my D70S.

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I am very pleased with my Nikon SB800 flash unit. I think you will be too. I have learned to spend the bucks for good accessories is money well spent. Of course look around for the item you want to purchase and get the best price. Purchaseing from Steve's you can not go wrong.

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SB-800 does not cost that much more then the SB-600, I do have both and the SB-800 is much more useful most of the time. It is just plain more powerful and has the built in bounce card. Well worth the extra $$$ if you can afford it.

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