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stowaway7 wrote:
FoxyImaging wrote:
I think I would like to get one that allows the camera to rotate instead of the flash. Also, I don't need the flash to be super high
The Camera Flip will keep the flash about 12" above the lens. One note is that due to the angle of rotation it will not work with most battery grips when they're attached to the bottom of the camera. If you use a battery grip it's best to check the clearance with any bracket you're considering.
The Quik Flip 350 does have room for the battery grip, but it will push the flash about 2" off center of the lens but should still be fine
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wass wrote:
you may also want to try Gary Fong's lightsphere http://store.garyfonginc.com/liiido.html


I used it in a wedding and did an okay job.* The roof was a dark wood but I got very little shadow.
Thanks for the info. I already purchased the cloud one, its good to hear someone also recommend it. It seems like a lot of $$ for a big peice of plastic, but I will try it out. If it doesnt work, oh well.

I wound up getting the Camera Flip too. I already have a problem with the flash falling down when I move my hand to focus the camera, so I will have to adjust the screws a little bit. No biggie. Thanks for all your help.
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