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You are very welcome. Itís natural to let you benefit from what I know, in the same way I benefit from other memberís knowledge.
If you have the benediction from Fuji to use that model, then you are safe .( I remember someone has called Fuji once and said they to him that the same camera would accept a trigger voltage as high as 400 volts )

The trigger voltage, put in simple terms , is the DC voltage, present at the flash triggering terminals ( contacts of hotshoe, or contacts at the sync cord ) . The flash must be on, ready to fire, and the measurement should not make the flash fire ( as the flash fire, this trigger voltage immediately drop temporally.

You can measure the trigger voltage yourself (as we discussed in the thread mentioned above) if you have a digital multimeter , or an analog multimeter with a high internal impedance ( in the 20kOhms/volt(DC) range)
Let us know how you like your flash
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