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dendence Oct 14, 2007 8:15 AM

I have a sunpack external flash, at least 15 years old. It still works good. I was at a wedding and figured that I would need an external flash inside a dark church. All the pictures of people moving even slightly came out blurry.
Would I get better results from the canon speedlite flashes ?
I would try to use the built in flash but it takes forever to focas and shoot the picture. Thanks

Greg Chappell Oct 14, 2007 9:38 AM

How were you using the Sunpak as far as exposure mode? The Sunpak, being that old, is probably only good as a non-TTL auto or totally manualflash, meaning you needed to be using it in manual mode with maybe a setting of something like 1/60 or 1/125 sec at f4 or f5.6, setting the flash to the same f-stop. What shutter speed were you using? It sounds like you were slowing down the shutter speed to keep the finder bright enough to be useable.

The "problem" with cameras that use electronicviewfinders with a flash like your olderSunpak is, they calibrate the view in the finder based on the exposure setting and the current ambient light, so if light levels are low and you go setting an exposure like I said above, the finder will go completely black, making it impossible to frame anything.

A dedicatedCanon flash will "talk" to the S5is and give you a better set of options to get the picture, so yes, you will get better exposures. There are limitations Canon places on even their own flash units when being used with theirdigicams vs. their DSLR's. The AF assist light on the flash does not work, and you cannot get TTL flash control if you set the camera to manual exposure mode, but otherwise, you would be better off with a Canon, or dedicated-for-Canon third party unit.

dendence Oct 14, 2007 6:32 PM

This is the flash that i have. I really have no clue. I just want to put the camera to auto and get more light. Should I get the canon speedlite ? Would that be the simplest thing to do ? thanks for the help

It is a sunpak auto 433 d. I just noticed a sticker on it saying dedicated for Minolta cameras. I used it with a 35 mm years ago. thanks

Greg Chappell Oct 14, 2007 6:51 PM

That particular flash cannot be used in TTL with your Canon. In looking at the specs, you'll see three AUTO settings of f2, f4 and f8. The only way you'll get any auto flash performance with this camera/flash combination will be to set the ISO andf-stop on the camera and flash to the same thing. Shooting in Manual exposure mode, you can also set your shutter speed to maybe 1/60 second or 1/125 as I noted above. You may also be able to set the camera to aperture preferred mode, again, setting the ISO and f-stop on both the camera and flash together.

If you are familiar with how non-TTL auto works, withthe above steps you should be able to use to get some use. If you don't,your best bet would be to get a really dedicated flash made to work with the S5is, meaning any Canon models or third-part models dedicated to Canon. Canon's flash units are made primarily for DSLR's so are slightly oversized for digicams like the S5 and G9, but the smaller 430EX should work fine, and allows you to aim the head up for bounce flash, which gives a very nice quality light.

dendence Oct 16, 2007 5:21 AM

Thanks for taking the time to help me, I just ordered the speedlite 430 ex.

Photo 5 Oct 16, 2007 11:02 PM

I use a Sunpack 383 flash with my Fuji S-9100 and it really does the job minus the 8.5 second recharge rate.I like the variable power rating on it from 1/16 to 1 power because sometimes I want just little bit of flash power and oither times you need a lot...... Also since its full auto in pure darkness I just turn it on and let it do its thing and it works really well

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mtclimber Oct 25, 2007 1:28 PM

The Canon 430EX paired with the Canon S-5 is an excellentcombination. You might want to look at the Cason S-5 Flash Tutorial (22 pages) that I wrote in September for using the 430EX with the S-5 Camera.

Sarah Joyce

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