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Default Will My Nikon SB-15 Work

Will my Nikon SB-15 Speedlight work with my Olympus C-5050 hotshoe?
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maybe. BUT no other auto functions beyond firing the strobe which is then rather pointless. you might be able to set it up in manual just like the old days. don't feel bad its like this with all manufacturers. look at lens mounts on slrs. as strobes and metering systems got more sophistcated and every company had their own methodologies the good old basic strobe went the way of you know what that starts with a D.

if you look at the bottom of your sb-15 hot shoe and the top of your oly you will probably see that only the one center pin matches. that is the fire signal and the ground is flange assy. the other pinouts are for metering and control functions propriatary to olympus.

look even my oly 280 strobe from my OM 4 won't work. nice right?
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The SB15 can be used as an automatic flash.
Just set it to A1 or A2, set your aperture manually according to directions on the calculator.
This will set you back at least 20 years, but is less painful than having to calculate the distance also as is the case in full manual mode :-)
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I use Nikon Speedlights on my C4040 and E10. The camera should be in A-S-M mode, not Program. And turn of the built-in flash. Actually, I prefer non-TTL flash, as there is no delay from the pre-flash, nor do you get pictures of people with their eyes closed from reacting to the pre-flash.
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