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tacticdesigns wrote:
Hello Abs.Abando

Thanks for the great feedback!

Your comment about the AF beam being off-center scares me since I only really use the center AF point. [But not a deal killer.]

As for not have more advanced features, I'd be ok with that. If I want to do stuff with more features, I run back to my Pentax.

Now I'm thinking . . . get my Pentax AS540FGZ & if it really bugs me or my wife that the Nikon doesn't have a bounce flash, I'll get this one to try out.

Thanks again!

Take care,
My pleasure. I've always trusted Sunpak and Vivitar brands during my film days when I don't use "dedicated" units. The PZ42X does live up to its reputation. Aside from the pros I've mentioned, its also a lot smaller than most but still packs 4-2AA cells which simply means I've got enough juice for assignments on the fly. There was one assignment I was in where I shot over 600-frames without changing batteries! This was done by setting the camera ISO to 800 and exposure mode to Manual. I "dragged" the shutter to as slow as 1/8s to get enough of ambient lighting(I was shooting a rave party)and I fixed the aperture to f/6.3 which allowed me just enough depth of field for up-close subjects and also allowed for shorter flash bursts because of the relatively large opening.

I wasn't really going for image quality at the time but this says a lot about the flash's endurance. :-)
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Hi Glen-

Because you have both the Pentax K100 and the D-70, and you want a flash for both of them, I am here to offer a solution. Use the DigiSalave 3000 on one or even both of your cameras, if you desire. It sells for about $(US) 100.00 and it works very well.

Please take a look at this E-420 photo taken with the E-420's built-in flash and the DigiSlave 3000. This might be the low cost solution that you are looking for right now.

Happy Holidays!

Sarah Joyce
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