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Ha ive got one more. Would you opt for Nissin/Vivitar or for older 430EX/550EX? they dont have bounce card but no big deal i suppose
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That easy-if the Canon EX-430 or EX-550 does not show too much wear and tear go for either. If those flashes are taken care of the last and last. I am still using my EX-420 that I purchased to go with my Canon G-1 in 2002.

Sarah Joyce

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In most cases, you're better off sticking with the camera manufacturer's flash models if budget permits.

The cheaper generic flashes like you're looking at don't support features like FP Mode (a.k.a., High Speed Sync), meaning that you could only use them if your shutter speed is within the x-sync speed limits of your camera (limiting your ability to use them in better light outdoors, especially at wider apertures). With your 30D, that's 1/250 second or slower shutter speeds.

You also tend to see compatibility issues with third party flashes (i.e., you may end up with exposure issues or problems if you upgrade your camera body later, since the third party manufacturer may not have been aware of features the camera manufacturer had already incorporated into their flash models), due to missing some features in the protocol due to the way they "reverse engineered" the protocol between the camera and flash. That's a relatively common issue with third party flashes when a new camera is introduced using features that were not used before (that a third party flash manufacturer missed in their implementation because existing cameras were not using that type of communication yet when they designed their flash).
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