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Default Flash for D30

I know nothing about off camera flash. I would like to get something less expensive than the Canon 550. Are Sigma, Quantaray, Sunpac, etc, alright with the camera or would I better with a lower priced Canon flash?
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One of the best things you can do to improve the results of flash is to move the flash off the camera body. That's why a lot of us use a bracket mounted potato masher. By moving the light source away from the lens you won't get that flat lighting of snapshot cameras and you'll avoid red eye. Bouncing a flash helps too and I find the best combination is from a dual head flash with the main head bouncd off the ceiling and the secondary head aimed at the subject.

The Metz flash I'm using costs about as much as the Canon 550 new but I got mine used for a song. I don't have a dedicated module for it yet and am getting terrific results in thyristor mode. I can see a few situations where TTL and ADI will be preferred so I may get the module later on.

Other lower cost options are the Sunpak 544 (B&H just lowered the price to $129 but they're out of stock) but I don't know if the available dedicated modules are fully compatible with the D30. If you want to go really cheap just get a non-dedicated Sunpak or Vivitar bounce flash and mount it on a bracket. Aim the head and the ceiling and use a bounce card to get some catchlight. Not fancy but you can get terrific results.
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If you want to use all the advantages options of Canon flash mode, the 550 is an excellent flash (I like flexibility options of the 550 such as the wireless flash mode and E-TTL). For other off brand flashes, it may work but it may not 100% compatible. My .02 cents on this is: you already invested a lot of money to buy a Cadillac ( couple thousand bucks on the Camera body, why not spend another $300 to get the 550? or a lot less for the 420?), why do you want to install 4 spare tires on this vehicle that you'll never get out all of the benefits of your Cadillac anyway...cheers

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