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That's a really cool picture of the leaves with the flash facing the camera! :idea:
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Hi NHL, that's Canadian Maple leaf :-)
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The CR-2 batteries, how do they hold ? There's no way rechargables can be used ?

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lock wrote:
The CR-2 batteries, how do they hold ? There's no way rechargables can be used ?
I assume you mean on the Metz-34-CS2. The flash is very compact, so that's why it uses CR2's instead of AAs, http://www.metz.de/en/photo_electron...t/104/180.html

This is a YMMV (Your Milage May Vary) question. How long the batteries last depend on how much power you have the flash set to at the time. There are multiple power levels, and if I use the lower power levels the flash doesn't need a complete recharge so I can get multiple shots quickly...it's only if I use full power does it need a full recharge. The specs say a minimum number of shots at 100, but of course that's probably at full power. The minimum refresh time after a flash is .3 secs, and maximum is 6 secs.

I've had the flash over a year now, and I'm on my second set of batteries (includes the set that came with the flash)...although I admit that I don't use it a lot, the batteries have an amazing shelf life of 8 years. When I do buy batteries I buy them in bulk to save a few bucks, and with the long shelf life it's no big deal leaving them sitting around.

Yes it's more expensive to run than a AA flash or rechargeable, but I love the convience of such a small flash with lots of power.

There are rechargeable CR2's out there, but I can't find out their capacity so I can't say if they are up to the task, http://www.zbattery.com/zbattery/jp-cr2.html
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