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What is a "creative mode"? I've never understood why some of the settings arecalledthat. I generally only use 3 settings on the program mode dial, Aperture Priority, Full Manual and Shutter Priority. Very rarely the "P"rogram mode. Any of these modes can be selected with the on switch set to first "ON" setting, the only one that is really in trouble is full manual, asin this mode the large command dial is used to set the aperture.In all the "other" modes I normally use the rear command dial if active is used to set exposure compensation.

Mr. Peabody wrote:
It also activates the creative setting does it not?
Why? Probably because in all modesI make extensive use of exposure compensation.

:-)I've only been shooting for a little over 35 years, and I am still just learning. It is a never ending process. :-)

Mr. Peabody wrote:

Why? You're an expert, I'm not. I'm just in the learning phase of all this stuff. I'm attempting to get beyond the basic modes of the 20D.
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I just got the 580EX the other day. Unfortunately I am still waiting for the 20D to arrive :roll: Going to pick it up tonight!

I read the instruction book about 20 times already and can't figure out how to switch from meters to ft on the LCD display. I know sometimes my brain doesn't work right, but I could NOT find that info in the book... Any hints?

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