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Default Flash for 5700 and 4500

:? I don't really want to spend a bundle, but I don't want to be sorry either. I need a flash that will work with my 5700 and my 4500. I know they aren't TTL. The sensors are by the popup flash. But I understand that they will work with generic brands as well as with Nikon's.

What attachment(s) do I need for the 4500 (cord, cheap bracket)? What would be a good flash for both cameras? Do I really have to buy a Nikon 80?

Thank you,
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Look over the Metz line of strobes. They're not cheap, but you can get dedicated units that will work with both of your Nikons. I have a pdf that covers all the strobes (and very well done), but I'll be damned if I remember where I got it. If you want, I could email it to you. All it lacks is recently announced units.

BTW: Which of the two (4500 or 5700) do you prefer? I'm sure you use them for different things. Comments?

Epson 3100Z, Metz 32Z-2
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Some infos here too :



Choose a flash and camera combination and the link will bring you to a detailed features supported.
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Well, I love the 5700; the design, ease of polarizer use, and the zoom. It feels more like a "real camera" to me, an old film shooter. I have also seen the blind test that Lin put up where I couldn't tell 5700 shots from D60 shots. The only complaint I have is that the on-off switch frequently gets turned on accidentally, and then the zoom zips out. I have to keep it in review mode to avoid that.

I actually haven't used the 4500 for more than 60-80 pictures because I have a 5MP and 6.3MP. I have only kept the 4500 because selling it would be a pain, the forums seem to think it's great, and I keep thinking I will get into macros, at which it supposedly excels. If you're interested and happen to be around Chicago, let me know.

Thanks for the Metz lead. I'll take a look.
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