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Default Flash bracket for Minota Dimage 7HI

Does anyone know of a flash bracket made for Minolta cameras. Minolta does not use a standard flash shoe. I would like a bracket that will (1) move the flash away from the camera and (2) enable me to rotate the camera from landscape to portrait without rotating the flash unit from horizontal. Thanks.
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Default Jones bracket on Minolta 7Hi

I use a Jones bracket with my 7Hi and 5600HS (D) flash. I also use the Minolta extension cable and foot. The foot attaches to the Jones bracket with a standard 1/4 x 20 screw. The bracket attaches to the tripod thread on the bottom of the camera. I already owned the Jones bracket, and have used it with Mamya 645 and Nikon F5 in addition to the Minolta. It raises the flash foot about 8 inches above the lens and allows 90 degree rotation of the camera.
The one shortcoming is that the offset tripod thread of the Minolta is too far from the axis of the lens. The Jones bracket won't quite make up for this. As a result, the lens is not exactly centered under the flash. I plan to make an adapter for the camera, which will also facilitate shooting stitched panoramas.
Jones is located in LA or nearby. The product is only sold direct. These brackets are popular with wedding and event photographers. The design is (IMO) superior to many scissors type flip brackets. I've seen another new bracket on the market in a crescent configuration, but I think it is not adaptable to a range of cameras.
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Has Jones got a web page or can you post a picture of the bracket?
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Default Where to see a Jones flash bracket

Ah, yes. The inventor retired and the company that bought the rights to the Jones flash bracket has a website. You can see the model I use at http://www.veachco.com/j135.html.
The site does not adequately describe the unit, so here are some details. Rotation is via a circle-in-circle mechanism. It is very modular. You can change it to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. The camera foot adjusts up and down. There are several slots for the mounting screw (to camera) that allow for offset tripod thread and fore-aft adjustment.
The flash mount is comprised of one or more modules for different configurations, including shoe-mount and potato-masher style.
Another note regarding using this with a Minolta 7-series camera is that the camera must be positioned as far back as the bracket adjustment allows to get your fingers around the grip. I have medium-to-large hands and it works for me this way.
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