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Default Question for Vivitar 283 / 285 owners (or electronic gurus)

The flash user guide for the 285HV Vivitar flash specifies to use 1.5V AA alkalines or AA NiCad batteries.
I wonder if the flash would work with standard NiMH AA batteries, which are 1.2V instead of 1.5.
Any of you ever tried it?

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It should work just fine!

1.5V is when the alkaline cell is brand new, and it depletes down to 0.8V or lower when completely exhausted. In fact the NiMh is closer to NiCad @ 1.2V and stays relatively constant throughout it's discharge curve. Actually what you'll find out is the flashes will last much longer on NiMh... Several users here have converted their Metz flash from NiCad to niMh when this chemistry wasn't available when they purchased their Metz!
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I use a couple of the 285HV Vivitars, when my battery pack runs out I just pop in the NIMH batteries (always have several freshly charged sets) that I use with the camera. I've had no problems.
Val :roll:
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Actually, the higher power 1800mAh and above batts, although slightly lower voltage, deliver higher peak current and that's more important for faster flash re-charge times.

Just make sure you charge before use, because NimH will initially lose more charge from full when left, than an alkaline.
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