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Default HP C500--Quantray MS-1 slave flash

I am the owner of an HP C500 camera. Can anyone out there tell me if the Quamtray MS-1 slave flash is compatible to this camera?
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If I understand your question right, the MS-1 slave flash is compatible with ANY camera. There is no electrical connection between a slave flash and a camera, it (the slave) is triggered by the camera's on-board flash and merely adds its light to the scene. It is up to the camera to close its shutter when it has had enough. (I think...) PatiO
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I'm not a pro photographer but I think this is just about terminology. A flash can be remote from the camera and only triggered by a wire (sometimes to more than one flash) connected to the shoe or something called a pc sync socket. Bit like dynamite blasting. Or it can be self contained, no wires but with a light sensor which fires it when the cams internal flash fires. Or see here:


My door opener, radio controlled version using the shoe, but triggered by wireless. The advantage of wireless over opto sensing is you can be further away, use zoom and know the remote unit will always fire. Don't know what a Quamtray is, but guess it works using one of these methods.

The light sensing type should work with any cam set for internal flash if the distance is not too great. If a hot shoe is needed, some cams may disable this when internal flash is used. If I was looking at either sort I'd look for some auto exposure facility built into the remote unit. With any cam, the shutter speed is irrelevant to exposure (as long as it's relatively slow) as the flash is extremely fast.

It's aperture that controls the light. But actually, some cams are really clever, they use the focus distance to set the aperture and control how much light is in the flash. That's why some cams in auto internal flash are firing less light at full aperture - saves on batts, but more critical focus less depth of field though.
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I have an MS-1 which I used with my old Ricoh camera with no problem.
However, it will not work with my new OLY C4000Z because the OLY puts out a pre-flash to set white balance.
Unfortunately, the MS-1 has no way to be set to ignore this first flash, so it is triggered by it rather than the main flash.
Soooo...the answer is:
If your HP C500 uses a pre-flash then the MS-1 will NOT work.
Hope this helps.
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