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Default Digi-slave flash question

I have a C3020Z which does not issue a pre-flash. I am contemplating the purchase of the Digi-Slave external flash. My question is this: will the use of the digi-slave unit eliminate the shadow that appears in my pictures when I'm using a teleconverter or wide angle lens. I know the slave flash will be triggered when the internal flash goes off but will I still have the shadow because I need the internal flash to trigger the slave, or will enough light be produced so that no shadow appears. Any answers anyone could provide would be appreciated. Thanks.
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You'll have to overide your camera by putting it on manual 1st. Use some opaque film to decrease the output of the camera flash.

The other option is for the slave flash to have much more output power than the built-in and stop the camera down. Either way the camera automatic metering wouldn't work!

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If your cam does not preflash, why limit yourself to the Digi-Slave ? , any flash will do with the use of a cheap slave-cell ( ~5 box) (well , unless that you buy the Digi-Slave to use with other camera as well)
For the direct flash issue, you can also redirect your built-in flash to the ceiling for example with a kind of white plastic card ,it will contribute as a bounce flash too , no photons lost :mrgreen:
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Yes, I've wondered why posters seem to go for branded slave units, rather than addon slave triggers. Older secondhand flashes are cheap and you can buy buckets.

If I had the time I'd make some, dead easy. Now with cheap wireless garage door openers (some circuit mods to remove delays)and key fob transmitters it should be a cinch. Include an inductive pickup loop or IR sensor and velcro to the top of the cam, and if no hotshoe, you can block off the window of the built in flash completely!

Great indoors, using a multi channel transmitter, when you could plant a few around.
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Default Try a DS20

I have been trying out a Sunpak DS20 flash on my 995. It is a cheaper ($29.95) slave unit and seems to work well.
To avoid the shadows cast by your on camera flash, try turning the internal flash off on shots that are fairly closeup (1 to 2 meters) and for longer shots, turn it on to help the scene. Also bouncing your auxiliary flash will help to reduce shadows.
You can see one here.
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