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I am looking for a Slave Flash for my Nikon D50. I don't know which of them will be suitable once as they may need to ignore the pre-flashes for digital camera's.

So please do suggest which once will be good. I looking for a Giude number between 98-130. How good are Sunpak, Vivitar DF-200 and Bower slave flashes. I would like to use them remotely with built-in flash.
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I have a Vivitar 283, and I purched a Wein "peanut" digital slave for it. I believed when I read the information that it would "ignore" the preflashes. However, it is not working with my Nikon 70s. I wrote to the distributor, and I gathered from their replay when they say "digital" they mean point-and-shoot camera. They acknowledged it would not work with a 70s. It does actually seem to work with a canon point and shoot. So you may be stuck getting a Nikon speedlight.
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I do not know of any optical slaves that will ignore pre-flash.

Normally when dealing with slave flashes you have to go into manual mode anyway unless you use a specifically designed wireless system for the camera your working with (like hte sb600/800 series for the Nikon's)

The optical (including the "peanut") slaves simply look for a bright flash of light energy and then discharge their stored energy capacitor causing that flash to fire. Unless your optical slave has a setting to adjust it's sensitivity, your going to have to go into manual mode on your flashes and turn off the pre-flash in your camera settings.
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