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I am looking for a wireless flash unit that might go along with the maxxum 7d and can be used at high shutter speeds like the 5600 or 3600. Any recommendations?
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Metz 54MZ4 using a newer SCA3302M5 or SCA3302M6 foot for KM models.

People that I've seen comment on this strobe that own both a 5600HS (D) and 54MZ4 prefer the Metz.

It supports HSS and Wireless, and also has some modes not available on the 5600HS (D).

For example, it's got an Auto mode that uses it's own built in sensor to measure reflected light during the exposure, terminating the flash output when it sees enough light for your camera settings.

This mode eliminates the preflash associated with the 5600 and 3600, while still being aware of your camera settings for Aperture and ISO speed. Some users went with a Metz, just because of the preflash issue (when they had subjects that blinked when seeing it from the 5600 or 3600). Note that you won't have HSS using the Metz Auto mode that elimates the preflash.

The Metz 54MZ3 or 54MZ4i will also work the same way. You will need to make sure you've got the correct foot. An SCA3302M5 or later (an M6 version is out now) is needed. But, Metz can update an older foot if you find a bargain on one of these strobes that doesn't have one compatible with KM DSLR models.

This strobe (including the foot) sells for $389.95 before rebates at B&H ($349.95 after rebates).

Metz 54MZ4 with dedicated SCA3302 foot for Minolta models at B&H

Here is a recent thread discussing alternative strobes:


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