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I was very surprise that this discussion went this far. Well, it's a good idea to end this thing right here. I 'm so shock to look at your equipment list, it went back al the way to F2AS the F3. And with all the things that you read from the books, you still don't know what the true TTL is? Don't you remember the debate between Nikon and Canon back then between TTL and automatic flash (F3 vs. F1n). Well, my friend, let use your knowledge of text book and explain to me in this scenario: put a ND filter or polarizer filter over the lens of the coolpix camera and take the picture with your built in flash or an external flash, tell me if your flash sensor will recognize the existing of the filter on the lens. Then comeback and tell me what the "hec*k” is the TTL flash means.

Let's stop all the bs and take a look at the principal. Technically I'm wrong until someone prove I'm otherwise.

Have a good day.
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He must be talking about TTL logic signals (ie 5V and not CMOS!) :lol: :lol: :lol:
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