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I have just bought a Metz Flash 54 MZ 4zi with implemeted adapter 3201 for Canon EOS350D.

The problem is that is want flash every time. Well it flash once (the flash get ready to flash with the green light) and after that just it do not make green light for flash. Then sudenly after some time (5min or even 10) just get green light and flash corectly.

Is it some mulphunction or I do not know how to adjusted it for using.

PLease I needreply as soon as possible as I have to do some shooting as soon as managed to solve this problem....

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I don't know if this would apply to the Canon models or not.

But, with KM DSLR models, you have to set it to HSS mode (High Speed Sync, which is similar to FP mode on Canon models) before the 54MZ series strobes function correctly in TTL mode (although Auto mode shouldn't need this if you want to use the sensor on the flash for metering).

For TTL with KM DSLR models, you must press the mode button on the Metz and when TTL begins blinking, rotate the control wheel counter clockwise (up) until you see HSS appear in the Metz window (and it may be called FP or something different using the Canon foot). Then, touch the shutter to initialize communication between the camera and flash and you now have TTL.

So, there may be something similar you need to do with it on a Canon. I don't know. I could also have something to do with flash mode on your Canon (I'd see if there is a flash mode choice in the menus for E-TTL, etc.) and try other options with it.

But, your problem actually sounds more like a battery issue to me if everything is setup correctly. Are you sure the batteries you're using are good and full charged?

Perhaps a Canon user with this strobe will see the post and can offer suggestions.

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I hope that it is the batteries are the problems. Prepare to find another packing and to see if this is problem....

Thanks for reply and help.

In any case will try HSS, as for this purpose I went to buy an external flash.

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