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As I understand it, what makes the F30 perform so well in low light is its unprecedentedly high ISO limit. Is this the only reason it does so well in low light? Does this camerado better then its competition in low lightwhen comparing ISO for ISO? For example, if you take the Canon A640 and set it to ISO 100 and set it up on a tripod and set the shutter for long exposure of a building at night...then, take the F30 and do the same, will the F30's picture come out sharper, brighter and with less noise then the A640's?
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I don't really know the answer to your question, but I would be interested in seeing the results of such a comparison. Comparing the A640 to the F30 isn't really an apples to apples comparison, though, since the A640 is a 10 MP camera, and the F30 is only 6 MP. A comparison between the F30 and the SD700, both set at ISO 800, with the same subjects can be found here:


I would imagine the A640 might be a little better in low light than the SD700, but since it has 4 more MP than the F30, and has a smaller sensor, I kind of doubt it would be better than the F30 in a low light situation...at least at the higher ISO settings.

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I think you can compare F30 to SD 700, at the same MP [ with adjustment] and the same ISO..

In low light, camera depend high ISO, more number ISO, support better picture..
couse, cencor build in camera must have a good quality...

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i used to use the fuji f11 so while my answer directly pertains to my experience with the f11, but should have some relevance to your queried f30 as well. i think that comparing the f30 to a similarly sized canon digicam is really unfair. the low light/ high iso performance of the f-series is without peer. i found the image quality which came from the f11 was more akin to a digital slr than to a much smaller digicam. i'm not saying that you should expect slr-quality high iso images; rather, i will say that the impressive performance is closer to that of an slr than it is to, say, the canon you mentioned. thanks.

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