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Does it accept RCR-V3 or only 4 AA? I am not too fond of NiMh, and prefer Lithium. AA's wide availability is a plus, but I already have SD cards, and would not want
to invest in xD(which are being phased out), or CF.
I see no point in 2 slots anyway; either have one or the other. I dont know of any other manufacturer that does, or its advantage. Having both takes up more space and adds to the cost.

Its ISO goes up to 1600, vs. the Kodak P712 to ISO400. I dont like noise at ISO400, and dont think I would want 4x more of it(even with the slightly bigger sensor). If I shoot in the dark, I use flash. Since the S9000 has a flash hot shoe, what's the point of ISO1600? ISO1600+ would be better suited on SLRs.

28-300mm. Loss of 132mm to the P712. I prefer a longer, rather than a wider, lens.

9mp vs. 7.12mp(P712) vs. 10mp(FZ-50)
big deal.

f11. I found little use for f8 on the P850. no DOF preview, as on the FZ-50.

1/4000sec. Would I really need to go that fast? Shooting what?

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I don't know where you get the idea that xD cards are being phased out. Seems as though you are a little misinformed about that. From what you say, I don't necessarily think the 9000/9100 is what you really want. Everything you wrote is telling us why you don't particularly want this camera. So why are you interested in it? Or is this a backdoor approach to slam the camera? It really doesn't matter to me what you purchase or what you think about the model. Personally, I like my 9000. I have no complaints. For the most part I use CF cards and I am happy with them.

Only you will know if you will need 1/4000 sec. shatter speed. For your information, it is only available in manual mode, and it's there if you need it. If you don't need it, don't use it. But I think you should look a little more seriously at other models and find something that is more suited to your needs.

And as far as batteries go, it uses AA only. Two sets of NiMh batteries will usually last through the day for me. If you don't like AA batteries, you don't want this camera. But don't worry, Fuji isn't going out of business if you don't buy one.
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