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I am looking at buying a FujiFilm S7000.
I have seen some of the Full Motion Video (FMV) out of the camera and it is very impressive. (FMV is an added bonus to the camera - not the only reason I am buying the camera)

As for the type of memory, I am looking at using Compact flash (its about half the price of XD memory here in Australia)

I contacted fuji and they said that some compact flash is not compatible in movie mode.

Has anyone had any luck using compact flash & recording movies?
Im looking at buying 1GB of compact flash - 15mins of recording time approx

Here is the response I got:

For 100% compatibility, Fuji recommends the use of Microdrive Memory media
with their cameras. Fuji FinePix digital camera will work with Compact
Flash memory media as long as it is a compact flash type 2 card with a high
read/write speed of 30x or more.

Unfortunately, I have no way to test the different brands of compact flash
card, however the amount of storage on each card should not make a

The main difference you will find is in the Movie record modes, you will
have no trouble recording movies using the xD memory card, however if your
compact flash card is not compatible you may experience that you will only
be able to record for 30 second maximum. This is the only way to test if
the compact flash will work in the camera.

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Users opinions at - http://www.propassion.nl/finepix/
In OZ, the only place to buy CF from is -
www.powerinnumbers.com.au I strongly reccommend the Ridata 52X series, it's the Fastest and most reliable I've used to date (and many others opinions too). I've been using both their 52X 1GB and 2GB and "older" versions for over 2 years, and always had FULL VGA movie capability.
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Well, I've used a regular (non-"speeded") Simpletech Compact Flash card, as well as an 8X speed Lexar card in the S7000, and both of them worked just fine in movie mode. Took 1-2 minute 640 x 480 movies and they took and stored just fine. Have not tried Sandisk however. Microdrives are a dying breed... can fail if you drop them, and consume more power.

Note - if super sharp and clear video is a concern for you, the S7000 just might not be it. I compared 640 x 480 video from a Canon A70 vs the S7000, and the A70's video was clearly sharper and more detailed than the S7000. Granted, the S7000 has a higher frame rate (30 fps) so the video is more "fluid", but I noticed some compression artifacts in the Fuji video that I have not seen in the Canon. Note too, the heavy compression carries over into the S7000s still images... you do NOT have compression choices (such as normal/fine, etc) on any resolution size except the interpolated 12MP mode on the S7000. Images can be good, but are more heavily compressed and not quite as detailed as some other models.

Not trying to confuse you. I have a S7000, and found it at a good clearance sale + rebate. If you can find it for a final cost of UNDER $500, then it's still a good deal. But if you're thinking of paying the $699 U.S. cost still out there in some places, shop around.. you can do a bit better in that price range.

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