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ok so I'm not really the most cordinated person ever and I was taking pictures with my finepix 2650 and I dropped it. At first it seemed fine and I could still take pictures and everything but then the next time I turned the camera on it said zoom error and I noticed that the whole lense casing (not the actual lense but all the plastic around it that zooms out when you turn on the camera) was loose and wiggled around if you touched it. It took a few pictures like this without any problems but then it just suddenles stopped taking pictures all together. The display screen still works so aparently the lense is still working and is still connected to the rest of the camera but when I hit the button to take a picture the camera just turns off....help???
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did you ever get any feedback on this? i had something similar happen to me. also di u still have ur digicam?
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Think long and hard before you send it to the Fuji Factory repair center in Edison NJ.

I dropped my S602 recently and have the same "zoom error" problem. I chose to send it to Fuji for repair instead of a private shop. My reasoning was that I didn't know anything about the private shops and Fuji was afterall the manufacturer.

Their web site promises quick turn around if you go ahead and authorize repair with your credit card. Otherwise they have to evaluate it and contact you first. I autorized the repair, gave them my CC info on the form and sent it to them via FedEX. They have now had it for 7 days. I've called them twice and they tell me it is still in evaluation (even though I authorized the repair) and it will take 3 weeks for the repairs after it leaves evaluation. Translation: They through the box in the corner and haven't looked at it yet.

I called back and asked for a supervisor. I got his voice mail. His message says: "if you are a professional and are calling about a loaner, email me at. (unintelligible)@fujifilm.comThey are on a first come first serve basis. If I have one I'll answer your e-mail.

That's a far cry from the 5 to 10 day turn around they promise.

I'm an appraiser. I've had to return to my trusty old 35mm. I shoot the equivalent of a roll of 35 mm a day. By the time they get my digital back to me I will have spent enough on film and processing to buy a new one. That's not counting lost time waiting for the closest one hour processor that is 25 minutes from my office.

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Dunno if this applies to any of you but I hope I can help someone with this story.

I have an E510 Finepix and I dropped it, lense down. It took a couple pictures but when I set the zoom to close up flower icon mode, it refused to go back in and had the zoomerror message the tiny silver cap on the end of the lense had come off too.

After taking it to the repair shop in town, a $300 quote including tax, labor, and a whole new optical set made me LOLOMGWTF and take a set of pliers to the lense. We had nothing to lose!

The lense was stuck in on an angle, so we pulled on that and pushed in the other half that was sticking up. Then we superglued on the silver cap and everything seems to be good for now! I'm trying to spread the word to help someone else!
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It occurs to me that there is no such to as "quick turnaround" in camera repair. The USB port on my 9000 broke, and I chose to send it to a factory authorized service center in Denver. I have received no correspondence. My first call to them got me the answer, "I won't lie to you, it could take weeks, or even months for us to repair it. We have to wait for the part to come from Fuji." I called again yesterday and the response was, "Your camera has only been here 15 days." If your camera breaks, and you need it in a hurry, it appears that you might just as well go buy another one.
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