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Hello everyone,

I just bought a E550 a couple of days ago. I read a couple of reviews and some reviews mentioned that if you want to develop the pics into film prints use the 12MP option b/c the 6MP are too compressed. Other reviews say 6MP is fine. Which setting would be best? I ususally use the AUTO mode, but right now I am also experimenting with Manual, Shutter and Aperature mode.

Also my ISO is set at 400. Is this a suitable ISO for daytime shots or is it too high?

What ISO do you recommend for night shots w/ city lights?

What ISO is recommeded for night shots with litte artifical lighting?

Thank you for your time :-)
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I had an S7000 with similar settings to the E550. By trial and error, I figured out what worked and what didn't.

You have many good questions but you should trust yourself. Take shots at the various settings and see how you like the results.

Take 2 pictures of the same scene, the first at 12 megapixels, fine setting, the second at 6 megapixels (no choice on setting there). Look at them on your computer. Do you notice a difference? If you want, print them out and see if you can detect a difference. I doubt you will at anything under 8 X 10. Maybe even at 8 X 10, you won't notice a difference unless you use a magnifying glass.

In general, for daylight pictures, you should be able to use your lowest ISO settings with no problem (unless you're photographing a race car). For night time pics, you have a choice: a low ISO means you need to keep the shutter open longer. High ISO means you can have a faster shutter setting. However, a high ISO (like 800) usually means you have more noise. Goto:


In the review they have pictures of the same scene at various ISOs.

I took2 night pictures off a nearby bridge last month.Very dark. 15 seconds shutter speed, ISO 200. 4 or 5 seconds, ISO 800. I like the former picture more. Obviously, there were not many moving objects in the picture or I would have gotten some very blurry pictures. In that case, you use the widest aperture and highest ISO you have available. Even that sometimes is not enough. But some people like blurry, streaky pics. They accentuate the movement.

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I would go with 12MP Fine unless you have a very small memory card and you need to save some space. You will get a lot less noise and can crop the photos more if you choose to. If you shoot 6MP you can't go back and make it larger for cropping.

The lower the ISO the lower the noise but the shutter speed is also slower. If you not using a flash and the lighting is not bright, try a higher ISO to cause the shutter speed to be faster. With normal outdoors shots, use a lowestISO. Out of the thousands of photos I have taken with my S7000 only a few have been taken over 200ISO and those were for indoor events where I couldn't get up close with a flash and movement make the images blurry.

Hope that helps,
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