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Based on some advice I got on this board, I'm looking at the forthcoming S5200 and S9000.

My objective is to upgrade to a new, fast camera with good pic quality. I now have an Olympus C740 but it is slowwww.

The main difference I see between S9000 and S5200 is 9 vs. 5 MP. This is not a big deal for me as I usually don't print images out but on the rarest occasions. So, for speed (startup and fast shooting), should I save the money and just go for thw S5200? What would I gain by opting for the S9000.

Honestly, if picture quality and speed are the same, I would opt for the S5200 not only for the price but because the images will take less space on the HD to store.

Your advice is welcome in advance...
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If your primary objective is to look at pictures on your computer or to share them via e-mail, then the 5200 may very well serve your needs. The difference between 5 MP & 9 MP really is a huge difference when it comes to printing large prints or when it comes to cropping and making a picture out of just a small portion of one of your images. There are some other features on the 9000, however, that perhaps you have not considered. The 9000 does have a manual zoom which a lot of experienced camera users prefer over the pushbutton type of zoom control that is on the 5200. The 9000 has a hot shoe for external flash as well as a sync connection for off camera flash. The 9000 has the capability of using the less expensive CF cards and micro drives which will allo you to have higher capacity memory storage than what you can get with the xD cards. And the 9000 has a screw in connection for a cable release. There are a number of other differences if you read the specifications closely. But you are correct in your assessment that the 5200 appears to have the same picture taking logic as the 9000. And if you aren't going to be printing, or if you don't need the features that I have mentioned, then you would probably be wise to save your money. I have a 5100, and I'm very pleased with the pictures it takes. From what I can see the 5200 should perform at least as well and probably better than the 5100, so you certainly wouldn't be disappointed with your choice. At least that is my opinion.
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I'm not so sure that the difference between a 5mp and a 9mp image is as huge as the above posted mentioned. Why? Well first I need to qualify by saying that the lens quality needs to be equal for the below statments to be true.

a 9MP image (supposing a 4:3 aspec ratio)will print18x24" at close to 144ppi

a 5mp image (4:3 aspect ratio) will print 18x24" at close to 108ppi

Also keep in mind that 9MP will probably be more noisy than a 5MP

So the difference between 9mp and 5mp is a gain in resolution of 33% even though it appears to be 1.8x (9/5). So the question to you is the added 33% resolution enough reason to go for the 9MP camera (not counting the other features of course)? Another way to look at it is if you crop 50% off the image out of the 9MP picture you will end up with effectively a 2.25 MP image. If you crop 50% out of a 5MP picture you end up with effectively a 1.25 MP image.

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There is a difference in the size of the imager on the S-5200 and the S-9000 as well. How does that play into this discussion? The imager (CCD) is 1/1.8" on the S-9000 and the imager (CCD) on the S-5200 is 1/2.5".

Sarah Joyce
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Well, I guess you must know a lot more about all this than I do. I just compared an image taken with my 5100 and a sample image taken with the 9000. I looked at both of them in Photoshop with magnification set at 100 percent. There is a definite difference in clarity, and if that doesn't translate to a clearer print, I don't know what does.
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