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Nanda Kishore Sep 7, 2005 8:34 AM


I wish to go for the FUJI S9000 / S9500 Digital SLR. Spec`s sound sexy and interesting.. But performance?? Suggestions welcome..

jphess Sep 7, 2005 9:28 AM

The 9000/9500 is NOT an SLR. Look at the specs closely. Many of the articles I have read suggest that Fuji is offering this as an alternative to purchasing an SLR. The 9000/9500 has a permanently attached 10.7X optical zoom lens and an electronic viewfinder. Fuji has tried to (in my opinion) make the camera feel and perform more like an SLR. It is more of a "bridge" between consumer cameras and the more feature-rich SLR's. If you definitely need an SLR, this camera is not for you. If you are looking for many of the features of an SLR, but don't need the interchangeable lenses, then the 9000/9500 might be a good alternative for you to consider.

Nanda Kishore Sep 7, 2005 10:15 AM

Thanks for your reply. Am an ameteur and wish to try my luck in Photography. I think the requirements should be OK.. but am worried as the same is not tried and tested. I dont find reviews of the S9000. May be I should settle down for S5500 asthereare see positive reviews for the same. Please suggest whether am doing the right thing or just blowing of money..

jphess Sep 7, 2005 10:55 AM

When you say you want to "try your luck" in photography, what do you mean? Do you mean you want to earn money, or do you mean you just want to take some nice pictures? I don't know if the 9000 would automatically make you a successful photographer. It takes a lot of skill to take good pictures. I know, because I have more failures than successes. I use an S5100, which is the U.S. the equivalent of the S5500. It is the third digital camera I have purchased, and it is my favorite of the three. Sometimes I become a little frustrated because it is only a 4 MP camera and I think I need a little more detail in some of my images. That need seems to be amplified somewhat when I compare raw images from my camera with the raw images from my son-in-law's Nikon D70. There is a difference, but I don't think the pictures are seven times as good. With the extra lens that he purchased and a few other little extras, that is how much more he has invested in his camera system then I do. If you are just getting into digital photography, I think you might be wise to buy the S5500 or its replacement, the S5600. The latter has just been released, or is just now being released, so it would be wise again to wait for some reviews. But that model, or the 5500, has a lot of very nice features for you to learn to use and to help you become familiar with digital photography. Then, when you have outgrown that camera and want a little bit more, you can take a look at what your options are at that time.

The reason you don't see any reviews yet on the 9000/9500 is because they are just this week being put into the hands of customers. There have been a lot of pre-release reviews that have had positive things to say about the model. But I suspect it will be several weeks before sites like this one will have an official review of this new model.

Monza76 Sep 7, 2005 1:56 PM

Nanda Kishore

jphess has put in in perspective, make sure you have some goal in mind before you purchase. I know four friends with modest DSLR kits, in each case the final bill was at least 2X the price of the DSLR alone. Cameras like the S9000 offer the budget minded amateur about 90% of the functionality for a small fraction of the real price.

jphess is also accurate in suggesting that an S9000 may be more than you really need, unless you have a specific plan that you are not disclosing. The new S5200/5600 Fuji offers the fast startup, high ISO and zoom range (except the wide angle end) in a 5MP camera at a much lower price. Look at this camera as well while you formulate your plan for what you really want to do with photography. Plans can change so buy the best you can afford and get out and take pictures.

Wait for the reviews on these two cameras and then make a decision, and after that, stop reading the negative comments or looking for noise and artifacts, and start making images and printing them.

BTW,:idea: if astrophotography is your thing, forget digital for now, buy a used K1000 with a wide angle lens off eBay, get a cable release, a tripod, some low ISO filmand a place away from the city lights, and go for those 8 to 30 minute exposures. There are some things that digital is still not that good at, unless you can afford the top pro gear.:-)


Nanda Kishore Sep 9, 2005 11:30 PM

Thanks Ira and Jim.. I think i got the message.. Actually am a software professional and therefore, have to move to different project sites in the course of projects.. I got an inspiration from a colleague, who`s into the same profession, who hops around with a camera taking good shots in the weekends when we are away from home. This helps us to kill boredom and ofcourse, its very interesting hobby.

With this intention, i wanted to get into photography and develop myself. Not for money. Looked into the prices of various cameras in the website, found Fuji range interesting and affordable. Got stuck with an option to go for S5500 or comparably better S9000/S9500., & therefore put a request from you guys. At this time, iam looking for a camera with a Higher Zoom, Good quality pictures, & affordablethat`s it.

As suggested by you friendly folks, i think the option of going for S5500 is better & may be after i do well with it, i would go for the S9000.

Two Questions:

1. Is it possible to link the Digital Camera to a Lap Top to record a Movie directly.As i carry may small Lap top around, i felt it would be useful some time.I already have a camcorder, but prefer not to carry it around.

2. If the camera has a USB Port, as i can see in the specifications, would it possible to attach a USB Drive/Flash Drive to store data into it. I have a 1 GB Flash Drive so i though i can put it use. If this is possible, i dont have to buy a 512 MB XD Card.

Thanks for your help.

jphess Sep 10, 2005 8:31 AM

The 5500 does have a wet cam mode. But whether or not you can record directly to the computer is something that I have never tried. Whenever I shoot video, I use a video camera rather than try to rely on my 5100 (U.S. equivalent of the 5500).

As far as using a flash drive with the camera is concerned, I don't think that would be possible. Although you would be able to plug the flash drive into the USB cable that comes with the camera, there wouldn't be power for the drive.

Another thing that would limit you from doing either of these tasks is that the Web cam option and using the USB output cable are both only available when the on/off switch (which has three positions, off/playback/on) is in the playback mode.

Neither of the features you are looking for are documented or alluded to in the owner's manual.

Don Pullum Sep 22, 2005 11:12 AM

Hay, there are a lot of 6Mpix S7000 out there ($400) and some refurbished if $ is a problem. I loved mine for a year until someone stole it. I plan to replace it with a s9000. There are lots to be said for a non-interchangeable lens. If you have a very critical application then take that ol Nicon, blow the dust off and buy a roll of 36 exposure 35MM film. Ideal would be an ol Nicon, a S9000 and the Fuji F10 for the pocket camera.

stugolduk Sep 29, 2005 5:59 AM


i'll start by saying i am a FUJI camera user, amongst other makes, and have been very satisfied with the quality of the pictures from ALL of the FUJI camera models i have owned ... i currently own an E 550 and tbh the quality is SUPERB for such a small and feedble camera, i have blown photo's up to,34 + inches and the detail is still vv good ...

regarding the NEW S9500 (9000) i was very excited at the FUJI Press release and couldnt wait to see the quality of the photo's before buying one ...

over here in the UK there aremanyhigh street store'salready selling the S9500 (9000) and i was looking at photo's taken with a * PRE - Production * 9500 unit, and i have to say ... THEY WERE AWFUL ... the colours were washed out and the * PURPLE FRINGING * was absolutely BAD !! ... i was really disapointed to say the least

i only hope the PRODUCTION units are significantly better !!!!!!!

** NOTE **

if steves reviewers read this ... can you please hurry and take a look at a production unit, because i'm in desperate need to buy a new 8 million pixel + digi cam and tbh ... i hold on you every word !! ( :-) he says grovelling ) ... but seriously folks, i have ALWAY's waited for a camera review on Steves Digicams before i have purchased any of my camera's,i find YOUR reviews just about spot on, so keep up the good work PLEASE ...


stuart ... ENGLAND, UK .

phaedra1106 Sep 29, 2005 6:04 AM

Stuart, my advice would be to buy a Panasonic FZ5 5mp :)

I have an S9500 and I am really disappointed with the image quality, soft and lack of detail, even my 2mp Panasonic FZ1 produes better images. Indoor flash images are fine, outdoor are a different story, have a look at the S9500vsFZ30 thread and you will see image samples.

If you still want an S9500 you can have mine cheap, Dabs won't accept a return under the DSR (Distance Selling Regulations) which is against the law so I'm either in for a lengthy battle with them or I'll put it on Ebay :)

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