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Essjay, maybe I can answer that for you. Ihavesome 55mm filters that I use regularly onmy S5200, in fact, I leave agood quality coatedhaze filteron the cameraas a lens protector. You can just barely see it in my avatar. I sometimes put a polarizer on as well - I know, I know, one filter at a time - and I haven't seen any vignetting at all.I don't see any vignetting without the filters, wide angle or otherwise.

Ifigured because the S5200 is so much lighter than my old 35mm Mamiya that I could get away with usinga new light-weight tripod to replace the heavy Velbon I've had for twenty years. Compared side-by-side, pictures taken using the Velbonwere noticeablysharper, so the old rule still seems to hold - the heavier the tripod, the steadier the camera.
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Toshi, thanks for the additional info regarding filter use. After doing a little more research (and probably confusing myself further!), I'm beginning to think that for my first digital, I should be looking at a less expensive and simpler 4 or 5 mp zoom-lens camera than the S5200.The camera will also be used by my wife, so it likely will be hers at some point anyway, when I'm ready for a more advanced digital.

I've read thatthe Kodak Z740 offers simplicity of use,good colour saturation and sharpness (exceptslight loss of resolution at the corners), some advanced controls such as aperture or shutter priority - and it also accepts 55 mm filters with the supplied adapter. It sounds like it might be a good compromise for a newbie like me - any Z740 users out there thatcan help me with this decision?

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1. I get great shots on the auto and other presets.

2. There is plenty of room to experiment and learn.

If You get a smaller or simpler camera You will only get 1, not 2. You do not have to get as complicated as this thread has gotten. I am not complaining, as I've picked up some good tips in it. One great thing about digicams is experimenting is free, just a little juice for the batteries.

Start simple, monitor this forum for tips on the more advanced stuff, You may suprise Yourself! With the 5200 you have plenty of room to move.
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Thanks Geezah and other folks for your helpful posts. I'm happy to say I recently bought the S5200, and love it so far! But I do wish Fudgey and other manufacturers would include something more usable than a 16 mb card with a new camera.

In this little town, there seems to be a severe lomg-term shortage of all XD cards except 512mb. Odd, as every grocery and drug store has plenty of SD's in all sizes. Hmmm... So I'm looking for a good Canadian online source where I can buy 256mb XDcards, if anyone has a suggestion. Best price I can find locally (if they had stock) is $59 Cdn.

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