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I have just got myself a S9500. I have been having a few problems.

Previously, I used my S602Z to take pictures of various items from about 1 metre - to do this I used Manual mode and set the aperture on the S602Z and banged away all day at f8 and the shutter speed set on 1/160 or so (didn't make any difference). I used the on camera flash to fire two Metz Flashguns on slave triggers. This produced pictures with good detail, and little shadow.

When I try the same thing with the S9500 - the results are variable to say the least. I have just taken about 20 shots of the same object, on the same settings, first shot was reasonable. But after a while, there seems to be a lag, and the on-camera flash is firing too late. Having done this for a number of years, I can tell by the sound that they aren't all firing in sync. The shutter seems to fire, and then the flashes fire about a tenth of a second later. Result, almost dark frame.

I have tried using a small external flash in the shoe and set it to external flash, and this works perfectly. Has anyone come across anything like this? Better still can anyone devise a test which would confirm or explode my suspicions.

Also, is there a way to enable the self-timer without using the menu(it's a bit of a palaver when you want to do it every shot) as you could with the s602Z - damned if I can find any mention of it anywhere.


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I've been using my S7000 in a studio set-up and used it's on camera flash to fire my main/slave

then the flash tube went pop (after two years of daily use) so I started to use a cheap unit on the hot-shoe to do the work... no problems

got my S9500 and .......whoa....not sync-ing

found out from the clever guys here that now they tend to give a pre-flash to allow the works to calculate the correct exposure.... and it's the pre-flash which sets off the rest....ahead of time

have to use manual with the unit on the hot-shoe or pc socket to work OK

also the best way to check your flashes for sync. is to aim the camera at them on wide-angle... and you will see in the shot which ones light up and are in sync.
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Use the PC terminal or Hot Shoe and the menu set to external flash.

Regarding the self timer:

I set it almost automaticly ( without looking at the menu ) by counting button pushes.

Push menu once, push right arrow once, push up arrow twice ( for ten second timer ), push menu to set, press shutter when ready.

I do it without looking. Very fast.

I do this for erase, raw, format just as quickly.

If you find out how to 'LOCK ON' the timer please let me know.

Hope you find this useful.

Regards, Nicholas
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