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I'm on the verge of moving on, and hopefully up, from my trusty S5000. The 5000 was my first dc, and I've been very pleased with it overall. The few negatives are video mode, which never produced clear images for me, and being stuck with lowest available ISO of 200.

In a new camera I'd love to have the longer telephoto of the Panny, like the idea of OIS, higher res video, and I have to admit I'm entranced by some of the razor-sharp images that 12x lens has produced. I like its greater speed, much better burst mode, and what I believe will be the more robust and enduring benefits of SD vs. XD. If only it had MPEG-4 video.

On the other hand, to my eye image quality plummets as ISO gets much beyond 100, making it seem like a sunny day camera. The only way to permanently attach a clear protective filter to its retracting lense I've read so far is with electrical tape -- to my mind an astounding oversight by Panny. And it costs almost twice as much as the S5200.

The pluses I see for the 5200 are broader ISO range, especially at low end, higher video resolution, a bit more speed, no need to buy a new memory card or camera case, ongoing good feelings about Fuji and forum members.

What disappoints is (comparatively) puny LCD size, limited burst mode that hasn't increased over the 5000, no greater tele zoom, and change in flash to auto pop-up (ironically the one misgiving I had in buying the 5000). Of course, there's no IS, and no MPEG-4 (interesting the new and unreviewed Kodak 612 with 12 x zoom has this feature with stereo sound).

I've gone about as far as I can with this juggling act. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think you have pretty well stated the features that appeal to you. You are the only person who can truly decide which camera will best serve your needs. If a faster burst mode is really critical, then you obviously don't want the Fuji. If IS is a critical issue for you, then obviously you don't want the Fuji. If you want good quality images at higher ISO settings, and if that is something that is really important, then I think you should consider the Fuji. In everyday situations, in reality I don't think you will see a significant difference in images from either camera. I don't think either camera would be a bad choice. The major consideration here is for you to make a decision and then don't look back. Whichever camera you purchase, you will find something about it that you don't particularly like. But, in my opinion, it simply isn't worth all the worry. Make a decision, and then just enjoy using the camera until you decide it's time to buy something else. Fortunately, this really isn't a life changing decision.
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I agree with that jp is saying

you sorta have to weigh up what is important to you and go for it. i was weighing up between s900/9500 and pana fz30 which actually seem to have similar differnece to what you have mentioned. i ended on fz30 and am very hapy with it.

personally i didnt see wat all the fuss was about in relation to the noise. But hey thts me. i am also the type of guy tht doesnt mind a bit of post processing to fix noise issues if any

i say go to a store on a quiet day and give both a wirl. thts wat i would do. im sure after tht you will favour one over th eother.


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Many thanks, guys. I know this is the best advice.
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