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I am considering purchasing the Fujifilm s9000 because I will be doing a lot of indoor shooting without flash. I know that I can set any digital camera with manual control to do this, but the Fujifilm s9000 has a built in special feature that makes indoor photos come outbright and sharp AUTOMATICALLY without flash or using image stabilization.

Does anyone have any indoor pictures taken without flash?

Are they blurry or clear?

Are Fujifilm's claim about the Fujifilm s9000 true or just a lot of hype?

Also, how is the video quality?

Please respond promptly since I am interested in purchasing the camera in the next few days.

Your friend,

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claims are somewhat true but with significant hype

cameras do not take photos - PHOTOGRAPHERS DO

for indoor 'available light' shots you need :

fast lens (f2 or better)

high iso (with low noise)

an experienced steady hand with good technique (or a tripod)

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First of all, let me state that I am a very happy owner of the Fuji 9000. It serves my purposes very well. I am very pleased with the quality of the images that I'm getting. But, like bernabeu says, some of the features that Fuji promotes seem to evoke higher expectations than can be achieved. The low light feature that has been mentioned is nothing more than an exposure mode that biases the exposure to make it a little easier to take pictures in natural light. But it is no panacea. It will take effort on the photographer's part to learn how to use it, and learn how to optimize it for their shooting style. It still takes a very steady hand to use the feature, and you can assure yourself of more usable images if you use a tripod. But again, I am very happy my camera.
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Also a very happy owner and I agree with what Jim has said above. I think if you do some researchon this forum and DPR you'll find plenty of material relating to the 9000/9500. You will discover that those who have had the camera for any lengthof time are very happy with it indeed. Any negative comment generally emerges in the first few days of ownership and often relates to unfamiliarity with the camera rather than any obvious fault with it. Just an observation after having followedjust about every thread on the camera here, since it was released. If you took a survey now of present owners, I'm sure satisfaction levelswould be very high.
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