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I'm about ready to scream. Its an intermitent problem, so they probably wont let me claim warranties...so I'm really hoping someone here can help.

1st - My Fujilfilm XD Picturecard ate 200 pictures I took at my sisters aand friends' commencement and is there a way to get them back? I've searched google under 'xd file recovery' and of course it turns up lots of hits, but I don't want to accidently download a program that will screw up my computer - does anyone know a reliable program that really does work?

2nd - this isn't the first time this has happened. First it was 2 pictures, then 3, then 6, then 4, then 2, then 56, then 200...the 56 was my first card, the 200 my new one that doesn't usually give me problems. Is it the cards, or is it something to do with my camera (E900)?

3rd - my lense is spotless, save for a couple occasional specks of dust. No finger prints, no scratches, not nothing. However recently on ever 6th picture, ranging to 15 pictures in a row, there is a nasty grayish spot that appears on the end shot in the same spot. Yet you'd think if it was something on the lense it would be in every shot, but its not...any ideas? (I'm now having to photoshop 30 pictures...but the lense is clean)

Really hope someone can help.
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I cant really help much but with memory cards such as the XD there is no real way to recover the pictures not if the camera is wiping the card, it sounds like either a problem with the connection in the camera if you have brought a second xd card and it is still doing it.

You may be able to recover files off these cards but you need good software.

You may find that somebody may have a way round this but it may be a long shot.

If im right the software that controls the deleting etc of pictures just changes the data to 0 so that it can notbe seen by either the camera or a pc but if it is a connection problem then the card may be wiped out with compleat loss of data

best I can offer
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This happened to us yesterday! We just bought our Fuji V10 on Friday and took it out to a birthday party. Apparently you have to format the card before you start using it otherwise the data can be erased. Luckily, I found a link on fuji's website and i used this software to get most of the pictures back! I only lost about 6 so it wasn't too bad. Try this out!


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