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couch wrote:
And just when I was about to order, I read..."This is my fifth digital camera. It lacks stabilization and as such you cannot hand hold at longer zoom extension unless you use highest ISO setting. An icon comes on indicating not to take the picture at lower settings At around 50mm equivalent the f stop is 4.7 At full extension shows a 7.1 f stop I had a hard time getting a sharp image. Even at that it was not crisp and colors were dull. The flash is practically useless. In a small room at 12 feet the flash is grossly underexposed at 80 ISO. You must use 800 or more ISO on this camera to take any sort of photos unless you use a tripod!!! This defeats the use I purchased the camera for- wildlife photography an annoying inconvenience is that camera turns off frequently and you must turn it back on constantly. Some of control buttons are not well placed. You must go into a menu to erase a shot. I had trouble inserting the media card. There is no orientation marking. I am returning mine to the dealer in exchange for more usable camera."
Sounds likesome one who has problems walking round corners and opening doors to me. Honestly someone who can't figure how to put the memory card in a camera without a map is just plain dumb. If he/she can take zoom pictures at less than ISO1600 must have a nervous twitch.
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This person should not get into wildlife photography. A wildlife photographer needs to be physically fit, move quietly to his subject like a sniper, know his camera well, how to put the card the right way or else the hunter will become the hunted. By the time he figured out where the camera shutter is located, he will see the hungry tiger is standing in front of him.......... "what's up, you forgot to say cheese",

the next thing he sees is totally black out.:-)
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