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Default 2800 and the memory card


i recently have problems with my memory card. the number of photos the camera can record on the memory card drop as each time i format the memory card.

however, when i format the card on a memory card reader from a computer, it gives me full capacity.

then when i put the full capacity (after beeing formatted on a pc) SM card back into the camera, it takes 10 seonds to writing a photo to it. but the memory card is back to full capacity (holds 166 photos at 2MP, Fine). then if i format the card from the camera; the writing speed is back to normal but the numbers of photos the camera can put on the SM card is now 161 photos; 5 photos less after formating.

i contacted Sandisk, the're happy to replace it for free but the process will take some where between 1-1.5 month. this kills my whole summer; so no i didn't turn it in.

anyone have simular situation?
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I think you're worrying too much about the numbers you get back. Full capacity can never be accurate, the camera doesn't know how much/little compression will be applied to each pic and what the file sizes will be.

Now if you were saying the formatted capacity available in Mb for files was different, or the write times were far too long - that would be interesting. But picture capacity is not a reliable measure of memory space until you've shot them all.

I suggest you fill the card up at the highest file size (least compressed), or movie mode if you have it, and then see how big the files are and how much (in Mb) is actually stored on a full card.

Formatting camera cards in a pc can be a dodgy business if you don't know what you are doing!
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I'm not an expert on this by any means - but as I understand it, when you format it in the camera, one of the things it does is delete all the image files and then build the directory structure of the folders on the card where it pops the image files - formatting in a PC (which most people using Fuji digicams recommend against) simply deletes the data and restores the appropriate FAT data (I'm sure someone can explain this better) - when you write your first image in the camera after a PC format, the camera has to make the directory structure again, part of its own normal format process that you didn't complete in the PC, hence that write time will be longer.

As Voxmagna stated, the amount of images available indicated is only a guide assuming you fill the card with the same resolution images with an approximately averaged detail level. The images taken, even at the same settings are all slightly different resulting file sizes - a photo with a large expanse of flat black - perhaps a night scene with dark sky, will take up less space on the SM than a daylight shot in a park with leaves on the trees, people and grass.

I would suggest that there's nothing wrong with your SM, as I understand it, they're incredibly robust and not prone or likely to fail. They're so cheap nowadays anyway that perhaps buy a smaller one to try in comparison - in the UK you can now pick up 128MB for as little 20 pounds - when my first one cost me 70 less than a year ago.
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