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Default 4 hour time difference between .jpg and raw - HS20

I may not be the first to notice this, but thought I'd mention it anyway.

There is a four hour time difference in the time stamp between photos shot in .jpg + RAW when I view the photos in the Elements 9.0 organizer. The .jpgs show the correct hour. The RAW of the same image shows four hours early, e.g. 1:38 pm instead of the correct time of 5:38 pm.

Is this difference purposeful for a reason I do not understand? Is this caused by the camera or my Elements 9.0? The camera, I suspect. But why, I wonder. There isn't any reason for a separate time setup for RAW, is there?

I read on page 96 of the manual that "because RAW data are not processed on the camera..." Perhaps that includes the time stamp which is created in the computer? I checked the time setup on my computer which is set correctly. There is no separate time set-up in Elements 9.0 that I am aware of. A mystery.

I need to note that more than just noise reduction and color/lighting corrections are automatically done in-camera in .jpg. Comparing .jpg and RAW images side by side reveals considerable lens correction and a percent or two of cropping in .jpg. For example, .jpg shows my bookshelf at the bottom of the photo as a correctly straight horizontal line (no, it isn't sagging). The RAW shows signficant pin-cushioning (at 135mm) that would need to be corrected in the RAW editor.

I now see why there are several reviewers who have said they prefer the .jpg images to the RAW images. There is just too much work to do in RAW.

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The reason why there is a 4 hour time difference is because the computer in the camera takes 4 hours to process and save one RAW image

But seriously, I have noticed this as well. It is probably just a hiccup.
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No, the RAWs processed four hours ahead of the .jpgs!! Pretty amzing!

Actually I was surprised how fast the camera processed the .jpg + RAW. I'm guesing somewhere around a second and a half. It is definitely slower than a DSLR, but pretty decent for what it is.

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