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ken Jul 2, 2002 8:37 AM

4900z replacement
I currently have a 4900z and have taken many pictures with it and have been happy with the results. I feel it is now time to upgrade, a 602 would seem to be the obvious choice but will this really be a wise choice? Has anybody made this move and if so what real benefits did you find?

fredbillie Jul 7, 2002 5:09 AM

4900 replacement
I have the Fuji 4700 and I thought long and hard about getting the Fuji 602 but finally decided to go for the Canon G2. Reasons? Well, I had just bought a Canon S900 printer and the $100 rebate looked nice but, really, I liked the faster lense f2.0 and it only goes down to F2.5 at full zoom (yeah, I know that the FULL zoom is only 3Xs, but a large zoom was not that important to me. A full 4 MPs, fast lense, remote control, and, some indications that its pictures might be somewhat sharper than the 602's. (Please, no flames, I am a Fuji owner and really like my present Fuji.)

I also liked the flatter configuration of the Canon but neither camera can really be considered small.

HaloFX Sep 28, 2002 4:01 AM

I am almost in the same boat, but with a 4900. I was very pumped about the S602, but after taking some good hard looks and shooting a full 64mb card in one at a store, I am wanting more. The problem is no one makes a camera with more, without stepping up to a true digital SLR.

For example, Fred's G2 has a minimum F-stop of F8, as do the Nikon and Minolta cameras in this range. Olympus has a few with F11, but then they don't have the zoom. Nikons are notoriously hard to use. The S602 is much easier to use than almost any other camera with the same manual controls, the resolution is higher, the movie mode is better, has 800/1600 ISOs, and it feels the best in my hand. The Nikon 5700 is a little small, and costs more than $400 more. It really stands out when compared with the other consumer cameras.

My struggle is I want even more control, and am seriously considering moving to the S2 Pro.

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