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Raze Apr 6, 2007 11:22 AM

Hi all, new here so please be gentle :)

Could someone please let me know which of the two Fuji models is better? I'm new to cameras so don't really understand all the real techie stuff, but like with most things electronic I tend to think newer models are better than old ones. Is this applicable to these models?

Hope someone can help!

jphess Apr 6, 2007 2:24 PM

I think it is pretty much a tossup on those two models. The 5700 has more megapixels, but it doesn't have the capability of shooting RAW. If that is an issue for you, then you might want to consider the 5600. But as far as image quality is concerned, I think it would be very difficult to see any significant difference. The 5700 has a next-generation image processor in it, but I don't think you would see a noticeable difference in most cases. If you buy the 5700 it will be a little longer before your model is replaced.

Raze Apr 6, 2007 4:39 PM

Thanks for the reply.

Is not having RAW a big drawback? What are the benefits of it?

Being a newbie, I'd have thought it boiled down to the extra 2M pixels?

Is the 5700 already released there? It's still not here in the UK..

stillshooting Apr 6, 2007 8:36 PM

Because a camera has more pixels it does not mean the picture quality is going to be better, on the contrary having more pixels can sonetimes be a drawback.

My belief is anything over 5mp is capable of producing first class pictures, I have two S5600s and as far as I am concerned they take great pictures, the camera can be used by a beginner or an experienced photographer.

My advice is if you can save money and get the S5600 for less than a 5700 do it, you will need to have eyesight like a microscope to tell the difference in picture quality, if any ?.



jphess Apr 7, 2007 10:10 AM

Raze wrote:

Thanks for the reply.

Is not having RAW a big drawback? What are the benefits of it?

Being a newbie, I'd have thought it boiled down to the extra 2M pixels?

Is the 5700 already released there? It's still not here in the UK..
That is a difficult question to answer. Shooting in the RAW mode has the potential of producing images of higher quality. But they take more work on your part as far as postprocessing is concerned. Many professional photographers will only shoot RAW anymore. But my suggestion to you would be to not even worry about that until you discover that it is something you really need. The Fuji cameras take very good images in the standard JPEG mode.

While I generally agree with stillshooting about having more pixels not necessarily being a good thing, I must say that more megapixels really helps if you want to make some bigger prints. I have a Fuji 5100 and a Fuji 9000. When looking at pictures from either camera on the monitor, it is difficult to see any differences. And if I'm printing 4x6 inch prints, I see very little difference (if any). But if I'm printing images larger than 8x10 in I can see a definite difference.

Having said that, I must say that my initial reaction to the pictures from my 9000 were very disappointing. Because I had gone from 4 MP to 9 MP I expected to see immediate and dramatic improvement in my pictures, and I didn't. The pictures were no better on the monitor, and I began to panic. But I have since learned how to take advantage of the extra megapixels and appreciate having that capability when I need it. And regardless of which camera I use, the pictures still have my "look" about them. And that look is not always what I want. I'm still trying to learn how to take good pictures after all these years.

As I stated in in my previous response, either camera will give you exceptional images. On another forum there is an individual over in Russia who is sharing some stunning images from his 5600. And there is yet another individual sharing pictures from a 5100 that absolutely amaze me. It isn't just the camera. You need to learn how to use the camera, and how to take advantage of light, different lighting situations, to enhance your images. Good photography is as much or more about you and how you develop your abilities than it is about the camera.

Added later: I forgot to mention that I checked the Fuji USA website, and it indicated that the S700 (the U. S. equivalent of the 5700) will be available this month.

Raze Apr 7, 2007 9:20 PM

Thanks again for the replies :)

I (still) really don't know which camera to get, I started looking through Steve's Best Cameras list and noticed the Canon a550 ( and the pics looked really good quality. So started considering that.

I am not an enthusiast photographer as such, but I do like taking pics, especially of my dog out on a walk, close-up of flowers etc. I really like the idea of a long zoom lens too. But I would rather have a camera with less features that takes excellent pictures of what it can, rather than a camera with lots of features and doesn't take pics so well.

I saw the sample pics of the s5200 (your name for the 5600) and I was a bit dissapointed - which is why I started to look at the Canon.

Ideally I would like the Canon EOS 400D (!) but don't want to spend that much.. although I have now found it at a good price so am considering it - really is more than I want to spend but if it's that much better I may go for it :)

Dogsmoke Jun 12, 2007 11:03 AM

I bought an S5700 or S700(!), and where I think the extra megapixels help is the control you have when cropping the shot. You can be really bold when chopping, and still have a 5MP image if you see what I mean.

I've uploaded a shot which has been cropped big time, yet is still a decent size, on the jphess says: you really need to print the images to see the difference.

Dogsmoke Jun 12, 2007 11:04 AM

It missed out the thread! It is:;forum_id=16

mtclimber Jun 12, 2007 11:23 AM


I am also very enthusiastic about the S-700/S-5700. I answered your post over on the other thread.

I know that the S-700/S-5700 has been introduced in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as in the USA. I have not seen any posts indicating that it is also available in the UK as well now. So raze, I hope that it will also soonbe available in the UK.


Dogsmoke Jun 12, 2007 12:45 PM

Hi mtclimber,

I bought mine in the UK from Costco about 3 weeks ago, and if you check Ebay it is really easy to get hold of. Price is anywhere from £135 to £220 depending where you look.

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