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Default About the Fuji S5000's 10X zoom vs. S7000's 6X


When Fuji announced the introduction of the S5000 & S7000, probably like many other photo amateurs, I was overjoyed as I intend to make a transition from my film based Canon EOS.

But when I saw the S5000's spec sheet, I was a bit disappointed as it seems like a cheaply designed camera although the appearance is fantastic. Specifically I didn't like the following:

=> ISO limited to 160-400 and the 800 limited to one megapixel. No ISO 50 or 100.
=> Lowest shutter speed: 2 sec, a very limiting factor for low light photography.
=> No external flash capability.
=> No remote shutter release.
=> Proprietary memory card which costs double the price of the CF at the same capacity.

The alternative to this is the S7000 but I first didn't like it's zoom limited to 6X. There is also a concern about the image quality as Fuji seems to have concentrated more pixels on the sensor that is the size of the one in the finepix 602 Zoom with 3 megapixels.

Now about the 10X zoom vs. 6X zoom, an analysis of the spec sheets suggest that at effective 3 megapixels, the S7000 gives you a 12X zoom at 420mm! This is possible because of the 2X smart zoom that crops the 6 megapixel image without interpolating it. And at 1.4X smart zoom you get a focal length equivalent to 294 mm at 4 megapixel. Not bad at all.

But with today's announcement of the Canon EOS 300D at around US$ 1000, and the Kodak 6490 with 4 megapixels and 10X zoom making a decision is going to be quite tough.


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I agree, the s5000 is disappointing. I personally just went and bought a s602 instead. I guess they thought if the s5000 could do everything the s602 could but with even more features, no one would buy the s7000...

However that Kodak 6490 looks pretty hot. If I had known it was coming out I might have held off on getting the 602. I looks like it has what it takes to compete with and possibly surpass the s602.
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I really like the s5000 so far. I am not a professional photographer though. It does everything I need to do and does it quite well. I guess that is the bottom line in choosing a camera.
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Is the Kodak 6490 fast in response? I'm seriously considering to forget about the Fuji S7000 and go for the Canon 300D; I already have some EOS lenses, the 300D has a significant long bulb mode, I can decide which lenses I consider crapp or caft for a job/trip.

Still the voice of the S7000 calls me; It is cheaper, lighter in weight, build in macro and has an interpolated 12 mP (probalbly that turns out to be equal 7 mP details).

Has anybody seen example pictures by the S7000 yet?
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