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Default Advice on Digicam Options/Selection

I would appreciate advice from someone who knows digital cameras. I would like an easy to operate digicam with the following capabilities:

1. Minimum 6X optical zoom

2. Compact size - preferably fit in pocket, but not essential

3. Superior photo quality

4. Not larger than 3 megapixel. preferable 2 megapixels

5. Threaded lense to allow protective filter.

6. Double as webcam

I take primarily travel pixs and would like to be able to get better distance shots than possible with my Finepix 1400. It looks like the Finepix 2800 would be a good option, but it is unthreaded so I would not be able to add a filter to protect the lense. The Finepix 3800 is threaded but it does not take small sized pixs that are easy to send via email.

I would welcome any suggestions. Pls. reply to: [email protected] Thanks much.

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A 6x optical that fits in your pocket? If y ou mean standard pants leg pockets, I dont' know of any 6x optical tht fits this bill.

I don't know what you mean by 'superior image quality'. This encapsulates so many factors that I have not a clue what you mean. Their is tonal/dynamic range, noise, resolution, lens distortions(geometric, CA, etc.), etc.. You might want to be more specific.

The only 'small' 6x or greater cameras fuji offers currently are the Fuji s3000 and Fuji s5000.

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I got my dad a FinePix 3800 for Christmas. It's easy to use. The camera's resolution easily shifts from 1 to 2 to 3 megapixels.

To me it seems there's a contradiction in your requested specs.
You want something with about 3 megapixels, but want small pics easily sent via the Internet. Most 3 megapixel images are at least 750 kilobytes.

Any pic, even 6 megapixel monsters, can be easily shrunk with software, for example, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2, or Microsoft's free downloadable (but not supported) image resizer from its Power Toys applications for Windows XP. A 1024 by 768 image usually takes less than 150 kilobytes. That size image will fill the screens of most computer monitors.

If you want highly compressed but still high quality full sized images, you may have to use JPEG2000. The problem with that is that your email recipients must have some kind of application that reads JPEG2000 files.

I like the FinePix 3800. I think you can get some good deals on it in the post Christmas season.

Anyway, good luck.
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Default Query Re: JPG 2000

Does the Finepix 3800 take JPEG 2000 photos?

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