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Hello, all. I am Koeniger, what testing am discussed in this thread.
I have noticed, that some people have problems with translation from Russian.
It is possible to ask me though my English is rather weak, it nevertheless is little
better than the translator.

By the way, the second part of testing "Panasonic FZ30 vs FujiFilm S9500" has left.
But I do not know, whether copying is forbidden by administration of this forum
References here on other testings.


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People are struggling with BabelFishgibberish trying to grasp your conclusion.

Here it is in English, correct me if I missed something:

"...Both cameras are good, each having it's own merits and it's own limitations. In reality, those who are interested in this class of cameras, will need to choose one -

Those, who are interested mainly in amateur (outside) photography , speed, getting easy and stable result without the need for comprehensive and persistent study of camera's singularity and hidden possibilities - would prefer Panasonic FZ30.

My only wish for them is: take my good advice, fellows, shoot all your pictures in RAW format. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

Those, who are interested in the very process of taking pictures not less than in getting results, those, who get satisfied by taming somewhat capricious (nevertheless, very able) camera, those who are interested in tough shooting in really difficult conditions, those, who consider photography to be their personal trial as well as hobby - all those will choose Fuji S9500.

Yes, this is not a common camera.

Amazingly enough, during last days of this review, I found myself carrying S9500 for my own purposes, while at the beginning it was FZ30 in my bag.

This camera (S9500) has something.... Reliable.

Cheers, keep up your good work.

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ОК. Not for all clear, what i mean?

Both cameras on set of parameters have turned out very successful. For everyone are available both the advantages, and the lacks. The reality is those: that who interested with a similar class, all the same it is necessary to make a choice, it is necessary to stop on any one.

That who interested with mainly amateur shooting in the street, whom speed interests, and also easy and stable result without long studying subtleties of process and persevering studying of features and the latent opportunities of the device, I recommend to prefer digital camera Panasonic FZ30. Unique my wish at last for those who tries uses cameras of such class for the first time: follow kind advice, guys, shoot all in RAW. The blessing, the camera allows to do it rather comfortably. Believe, I precisely know, about what I speak.

That whom process of shooting interests not less the result, the who tests satisfaction of that after certain time it has turned out to tame capricious, but, nevertheless, on much the capable machine, that who interested with shooting in really difficult conditions, and also in that who counts a photo not simply a hobby, and an original field for personal experiments, I advise to stop on FujiFilm S9500. The camera not from simple, it so. However, I and itself am surprised to the given fact much, in the first days of testing I took with myself on shooting for personal purposes Panasonic FZ30, and in the last some days in my bag for these purposes for some reason always appeared FujiFilm S9500. There is in it something such... Reliable (There is a reliable and predicted result certainly).

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