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I purchased the E550 last week, and so far am disappointed in most of my pictures. I had hoped to start out on auto until I learned more about the functions and different settings. I also grabbed a bunch of books from the library on the settings and such. But until I finish those, can those of you who have/have used the E550 please help me get started. My main pictures are of my 20mth old son usually indoors. My flash pictures were coming out overexposed or with black backgrounds. If I don't use the flash, then they're blurry. My outdoor shots are only slightly blurry, but most do come out.

Any tips to get a newbie started?

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Frist read the manual that came with the camera. It is the best place to start.

Next try take pictuers of other things beside your child. This will allow you a chance to get used to the camera. The E550 is a Great camera IMO. You have to play with it. Try different settings and different light. Try different ISO settings and picture quality. I use the 12MP fine to shot most of my pictures. If you get to close with out Macro the pictures are going to be Blurry.

Keep trying, you will get the hang of this fine camera.

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understand you are running the camera in Auto mode and having focus and exposure problems. if you are not comfortable juggling iso, aperture, and shutter settings thensuggest the following.

- run the caera in P mode (one up from Auto).

- with the Menu button set Focusing to AutoFocus Center, and set Photometry to Spot.

- at picture taking time, put the subject in the center of the frame.

- do be sure to half-press the shutter button and hold till you see and hear the indications that the camera has locked onto the focus and exposure settings.

the above will help assure the autofocus and autoeposure are giving most attention to where you have placed the major subject of the picture.

be aware that flash just aint gonna fill evan a medium size room unformly with light.

if flash is the major source of light for the picture, there is actually a rather small range of distance which will be properly exposed (closer objects will be overexposed, distant objects underexposed).

if your subject is in the shade on a bright day (a good place to put a child to avoid squinting at the camera) use the flash to provide filler light and even out the exposure.

do look at and evaluate the picture immediately after you take it, until you are comfortable that you have the lighting etc under control. dont wait till the subject has fled the scene to find you have taken a long string unuseable images. make corrections and adjustments while the subject is still available.

do take alot of pictures. hey, just erase the ones you dont want to keep. only in this way will you get comfortable with what the camera can and cannot do.

as you learn more about what aperture and shutter speed are and do, and want to try Manual mode, take a light reading off of your hand.

- with your hand in the same light conditions as your subject, camera in Auto mode, point camera at palm, half press and hold shutter button, read on the lcd the aperture and shutter speed which the camera computes).

- use the suggested settings as your start point in Manual mode.

focus you will have to continue to do with autofocus. (unlike exposure where with a bit of learning you can do good things with manual exposure.) jut be attentive to what the autofocus is trying to do; where it is looking, and that it has had time to lock on.

- best of luck, -shu
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