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I wouldn't mind getting a wide-angle attachment for my S5100, and I'm curious if anybody has tried one of the off-brand lens on Ebay. I know you get what you pay for with a lens, but I really don't want to pay over $100 for the Fuji, which will only get you to a 29mm. These cheap ones are stating a .45X wide angle. I found this one for about $40 shipped, but if it's a piece of junk I won't bother. I wonder how bad the barrel distortion is with one of these? Thanks for any help.


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The Fuji S5100 is designed as a long range all weather fighting capabality, able to take off in a short moment notice. I don't see much help to add a wide angle. Get a big size lens shade for it if not a normal size of 55mm diameter will do.

Here is the scenerio where the S5100 go for a kill, you'll love it to death.

We are often invited to a wedding ceremony, during the summer time the day is long and most of the time the audience is facing the sun, you are exposed to backlit scene. The wedding photographer doesn't want to risk his shots, he positions himself facing you to shoot the couple on stage frontlight, he and the videographer don't gamble shooting backlight, they want to play it safe expose yourself to a bad window of opportunity to against the sun.

All the point and shoot audience sitting with you are disable leaving you this chance with the S5100 to move in for a kill. Take your camera out, hook up the lens shade on, now read slowly, here is how you move.

Switch the S5100 to M mode (manual mode), set the aperture to f8 and aim it at the stage where the couple is attending the blessing ceremony, remember look through the viewfinder don't use the LCD, the sun is at you, bright right? Don't worry.

1/ Use your thumb to move the shutter up and down, the wheel with an up and down arrow in the back near the LCD. You still look in the viewfinder, you see the shutter speed somewhere around 500to 1000. Hit the up arrow on the wheel to increase the shutter speed then slowly press the camera shutter halfway down, beautiful scene right? If not, hit the down arrow in the back to decrease the shutter speed, every time like that press the camera shutter button halfway down, until you see a perfect scene of your taste and keep the setting right there but don't take picture yet.

2/ By the time you aim the S5100 at the stage, you already draw attention to the wedding photographer, he is fast to spot any camera with a lens shade in the audience, don't shoot yet, keep aiming and waiting for the right moment to click, show the wedding photographer and the audience you are an experience photographer, don't shoot like there's no tomorrow. All the point and shoot with 3X zoom without a lens hood are sitting helpless, your time to act.

3/ Wait for the bride and the groom to smile or kiss each other, then snap as many shot as you can, and wait again and snap again. When you feel you have enough, put the camera down.

That's all to the mytery the secret of the S5100 in real life action, it faithfully nailed you one of the most romantic shots in the wedding with the sunset behind those beautifull hills behind.

Oh boy, you got a coldshot, don't you wish to have an S9000 with a big flash gun to get the hotshot? :-):-):-)
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I tried one of those so called "...cheap e-bay doublers." and it was a waste of money I am sorry to report.

Sarah Joyce
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I originally bought a 0.45 wide angle adapter at Ritz Camera for the Fujifilm 3800. After I sold that camera, I kept the adapter for my s5100. As I recall, I paid about 1/2 the price for the Fuji adapter

I works fine - gives me about a 17 - 170 mm (35 mm equivalent), but you have to watch it on very wide-angle shots; there will be some vignetting. Also, I've had noticable barrel distortion, but have been able to correct that with an editor.

Metering and focus seen unaffected to the eye, which is all I care about.

Good luck....
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Consider the Oly lenses that were designed for the Oly IS series 35mm cameras. They're 52mm lenses so you'd need a step down adapter. You'll lose as F stop which isn't ideal. The lenses are decent though, and can be found on ebay at very reasonable prices.
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