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Default Buying a FinePix F601 in the USA for use in the UK


I have found that I can source a Finepix 601 in the USA for a considerable saving, i.e. $420 (260) from: www.focuscamera.com as apposed to about 400 in the UK.

My 1st question is: has anyone purchased on of these for use in the UK and what needed to be done to convert the voltage? The above website said a simple plug converter would do but I would like to hear this from someone that has done this with sucess.

2. Are there any other considerations I should be aware of, like warantees or any other compatability issues?

3. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy store I can purchase the camera from (or verify the integrity of the above store) please.
I have someone visiting the US next week so delivery to the US is in hand (most don't deliver to the UK).

4. If anyone can recommend a camera of approx the same size or smaller that does movies and kicks-ass like the 601 pls let me know. I'd been debating the M603 but it aint on the states yet... bummer.

Thanks alot, and sorry if I have missed postings that cover any of these points.

- freeezing my nads of in the UK :roll:
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I have a 602 but, Number 1: If US it's TV out if it has one will probably not be UK PAL. This is the only feature that won't work.

2. The voltage is not a big issue, I'm using a power unit from Argos.

3. Warranty could be a BIG issue.

4. If you buy off a US web site, the duty you pay the postman is a BIG issue.

5. Buying from an EU source is the second safest bet, but check the TV out if it's something you might use: I don't use mine much, prefer a laptop slideshow and VGA/TV adapter.

Cheers - VOX
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Default eurpean buying in usa

No problem with buying in USA.
Power : AA batteries => no problem
Warranty : worldwide Fuji warranty which I had to avail of with no problems sent camera to UK support center
Video: TV plays black and white not in colour but plays fine on computer
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Why dont you buy it from inside the EU area. The warranty works in all countries inside the EU. No compatibility issues and prices are just as low as in US. Take a look.


What comes to your decision between F601 and M603. You should consider what is the main purpose for your camera. If you do mainly still photo graphing and want to occasionally take some videos, the F601 is your choice. It has much more sophisticated specification and wider set of features for still photographing.
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The F601 is a fine camera, eventhough manual options are a bit burried in the menu, it is a blazing fast camera which can go al the way upto iso 1600(800 and 1600 only in 1 mP mode). Actually I bought this camera because it offers much the same like S602 in pocket size and again it is blazing fast.

There are two concers;
- Seen some messages that the camera died after 1 year.
- Average price is a bit much for a squeezed S602 (with smaller lens)

The price of $420 seems to me way to expensive for a camera exiting the stores. Most web shops show al kinds of cameras they ever might have had, with the price as it was in the good ol' days.
I found a last on shelve F601 in a plain tv/audio/ warehouse. For E290 I took the risque of getting a camera with errors (used as demo camera). And so it happens the camera had a lens flaw and is now in repair. This is sad, but on the otherhand good, as it gives the opppertunity to ask for a major check up for this camera. Ok, that is my 2 cents to look more nearby your house for this camera, especially in regular shops/ weekly house to house media.

The camera uses lithium ion batteries, which give some advantages (in use) only bummer is Fuji expects the user will charge the battery through camera. You have to buy a battery charger your self, (hahnel might be a cheap deal).
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Originally Posted by Mathilde uP
The F601 is a fine camera, eventhough manual options are a bit burried in the menu
Yes. The menu system can be annoing sometimes. When you make some chance to one particular setting e.g. EV compensation and accept it, the camera goes straight to the shoothing mode. This is good unless you want to make several changes at the time, but to change several settings you have to get into the menu again. It would also be nice to have the macro setting in the mode dial instead of being in the menu. If Fujis were firmware upgradeable by end users, maybe we could have things better in some cases.
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