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Originally Posted by shoturtle View Post
Not by that much 450 photo on a class 6 card vs a class 10 card is about a minute.
Transcend class6 - write ~ 10-12 MBps, read ~ 18 MBps
Transcend class10 - write ~ 14-16 MBps, read ~ 20 MBps
no gigantic difference .. but how said ... if price difference is only few bukazoids ... take a class10, else a class6

class2/class4 is suited for slow walking&thinking old men ;-)
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It is about 15 dollars difference at the stores, one place that it is close is at newegg.com.

But the sandisk UltraII meets class 6 specs. Like the sandisk extreme the meet class 10 specs. That is why the just rebadge the extreme to class 10, and the really fast ones and expensive ones are extreme pro. we tested them at work. Sandisk was very conservative on their ratings.
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Originally Posted by Arjan- View Post
... you can buy 12 eneloop batteries for the same price as 8 2700mAh batteries.
Sometime less is more.
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Originally Posted by DonalDuc View Post
If class 10 has same price as class 6 - then buy it. Otherwise its "overkill", you do not need class 10.

I have both - 8/16GB class6 and 8/16GB class10 (Transcend) - no remarkable difference.

Do not believe if someone says you need a 2TB class64 SDHX
I'm a retd. Air Force officer from New Delhi and know nothing about professional photography. I had used couple of cameras and presently having Kodak C533. My son recently showed lots of interest in photography. He's now in the final year of his graduation and wish I should buy him a Nikon D5000 DSLR. I've been doing lots of search over the net about some reasonably priced point & shoot cameras.
I had earlier short listed Nikon P90 for him which is available online for Rs.14000/- as against normal price of Rs. 25000/- Then I saw this HS10. It yet to be launched in India - May be in the first week of June, with a price Tag of Rs. 31,500/-.
Its a really hard earned pension and spending almost twice the amount of the pension on a camera like HS10 at this stage when I am not sure of his continuance with his newly aquired 'hobby', is a risky proposal. I need and request you to guide me about this purchase. I personally feel that he should go in for HS10 rather then going for D5000 costing around Rs.45,000/-at this stage, But then he tells me that he needs a camera which can give good results in low light (night) photography. He showed me a photo where car had passed but the head light trail on the road with a curve was visible (no sign of car). He then showed me a photo of a building by the side of a lake where the clear image was visible in the water alongwith the shining waves of water were also clearly visible.
As a mater of fact I feel that what ever he's expecting could be obtained with HS10. But if not then I'll be in deep trouble as the DS10 cannot be returned or exchanged for D5000.
Please Help.
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