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Sorry about the jumbo file size...when I first attemped to upload, I was refused because the pictures were too large, so I just started reducing in size until I got one to go, then made the rest the same size - next time I'll know better. I also have to get one of those online banks you mentioned...I see you use photobucket - are they better/the same/any different than the others?

Ever think of getting broadband? I could never go back to dialup.

the Hun
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LOL.... Oh yea, I've heard of broadband.... and DSL .... and high speed everything. The problem is that it's not available out here in the sticks. ("Sticks", n, slang - A Texas term used to describe a remoterural area.) I'm luckyto have a phone and electric line!:-)The only option is satellite but the cost is too high for just browsing the internet.

I can't tell ya if Photobucket is any better than other photo host sites. One thing for sure, it's not worse. There's isn't a bunch of flashing ads and it's simple to use. I believe they allow 500Mb for free and unlimited for a reasonalbe charge. ($10 or so per YEAR) I can't remember because I've been with them since they started and I made a "donation" that will apparentlykeep me going at least until next year.

I think there's a 1Mb upload limit per picbut GEEZ, that's more than any PC screen needs to display. (72/92 dpi) Photos that I display on the internet are seldom larger than 640x480 and ebay pics are half that. Larger pics just take too long to upload.
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