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I am ready to buy my first digicam and have narrowed it down to the SI IS from Canon or the S5000. Canon's image stabilization feature seemed important to getting the most out of the 10X optical zoom without always needing a tripod. However, the S500 has the Assist Light for low light conditions which the Canon does not include. How would you analyze the trade off between these two features? Does one or the other deliver better picture quality? I shoot pics of landscapes, cityscapes, family and everyday life both indoors and outside. Thanks for you help.
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I think that S5000 is better that IS S1 in relation cost x averange. The canon cost Us$150 more that S5000. With that money you can buy a Xd of 512mg.

I dont need IS for max zoom, and i dont will pay more for that.

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Take a close look at the pictures from both cameras. The Image Stab may not be necessary for all situations but for low light it could help a lot. The canon has a much better video mode if you wanting to do some video shots. To me the noise looks higher in the S5000 than the Canon but the Fuji color looks better. I think its a trade off of what your really wanting to do. For what you saying you want to take pictures of, the 10x is a litte much and you may want to go with the Fuji S7000. More megapix, better image quality than these two and about the same price as the Canon.
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I have an S5000, and I absolutely love it! It takes a lot better photos than it gets credit for. I chose it over the Kodak 6490 because the S5000 will do manual focus, although it's kind've a pain to use it that way. I think you might want to consider the Kodak 6490, it's got all the color advantages of the Fuji, plus takes a little larger photo. I was very impressed with it's image quality. Your best bet, honestly, would be to go somewhere like a Best Buy or a Circuit City where you can take a good look at each camera you're interested in and get a feel for what they are like. Decide if it's the camera you want because you like it better than the others, not only based on what someone else likes, although there's nothing wrong with asking for opinions on a particular camera. You'll be happier, though, I think, if you can get a feel for each one a bit, and compare them yourself. Like I said, I chose a Fuji S5000, although it's a pretty safe bet that you'll get a good camera if you buy a Canon, they have a good reputation, too. I would check out the Kodak 6490 as well, though, and as Host suggested, you might look at the Fuji S7000 as well.

OH, and feel free to check out some of my photos in the post your photos section, I have a few there that were all taken with my S5000.
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Guitarmanis right, it is best to go out and take a look at a few different ones and see what fits you best. I would however steer clear of the 6490 unless you won't be doing a lot of croping or printing large images. The issue I have seen in the 6490 is it tends to blow out highlights. If you take a careful look at some of the different sample pictures in reviews and look carefully at the details they almost apear to be smudged. You won't notice it unless you really look closely so for most it may not be an issue. Its probably due to the high compression ratio of the images which created the blown out details. It also lacks a lot in manual features. Its also known for redeye issues. One thing I didn't like on both the 6490 and the S5000 is they don't have manual white balance.
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My personal opinion is that the S1 takes better images. The Fuji compresses the images more and offers far fewer choices regarding quality/compression as well. If you take some time to view sample imageson Steves reviews of these two and look at them side-by-side, you'll see.

Shop around. At $499, the S1 is not worth the high price, but many places are dropping the price of it rapidly. I've see it in stores for as little as $349 on sale, so if you can get a good price for it, I'd go the S1 route.


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Old Aug 18, 2004, 8:10 AM   #7
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I agree that the Cannon is expensive,IS is a feature worth having but using a tripod will still give better results. The Cannon does not compress its images as much as the Fuji or Kodak however all of these cameras have tradeoffs, you have to decide which ones cause you the least distress.

Konica Minolta now has new Z10 and Z3 models, the Z3 has Anti Shake (IS by any other name) and allows the use of an external dedicated flash in a 4MP model with a 12X zoom for about the price of the Cannon, definitely worth a look since it is feature rich for the price. I think it definitely belongs on this list.

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I own both the Canon S-1 and the Fuji S5000. The Canon is very easily the better digital camera. The IS is very much worth it and if you notice the price has dropped a lot. I got my Canon S-1 delivered in OR for $336.

That is still more than the current internet price on the Fuji S-5000, but when you compare the digital photos results side by side, the Canon S-1 wins easily.

Sarah joyce
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