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clarke Apr 7, 2003 3:26 PM

CF in S602
Although this subject has been discussed at length, here is information from Fujifilm. FYI, my SimpleTech 256Mb CF interrupts recording VGA video at 19 sec, which is about a 32Mb file:

"Thank you for contacting Fujifilm USA. We appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance.

Please be advised that Fuji Film recommends the IBM Microdrive or Smart Media card for the FinePix digital camera. Although, some CF cards may work, we do not have test documentation for each brand available on the market and performance is not guaranteed. If you opt to use CF, a minimum of 16x type II is recommended however, we still cannot guarantee operation of all CF models marketed.

We sincerely hope that this information has been beneficial to you. If you should have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again. It would be our pleasure to assist you.

Thank you for your interest in Fujifilm Digital Imaging products and services."

camerachallenge Apr 7, 2003 4:50 PM

I'm using a 24x 256 compact flash card. IT works great when i'm shooting at 320 x 240 but it stops at about 75 secs for 640 x 480. The 24x card is still to slow. Someone on this forum used a 512 30x compact flash card and it was verified as fine. i believe anything at 30x and over will be fine for recording 640 x 480

voxmagna Apr 7, 2003 6:03 PM

I think that's my reckoning to. Until the next CF card design change, then perhaps it's round the carousel of chance again!

When we can see several competing 30X brands, all recording VGA 30fps on a full card in 512Mb and above sizes CF in a 602, then owners will have more confidence.

Until then SM & MD seem the only guaranteed option.

jinx Apr 8, 2003 12:21 AM

It was me testing the transcend 512mb 30x card - it's what I'll end up buying. I had absolutely no problems with it.

voxmagna Apr 8, 2003 5:46 AM

jinx....Yes I know, thanks good work.


When we can see several competing 30X brands, all recording VGA 30fps on a full card in 512Mb and above sizes CF in a 602, then owners will have more confidence.
BUT knowing how the card architecture and card size have to be compatible in a 602, I'm not sure that every 30X brand card should assume the same recommendation, whether larger 1Gb 30X cards will be OK and if Transcend change their design in 6 months time - if that will be either.

For now as you say, it looks like their 512Mb 30X card is OK in a 602.

PS if you can post the small ID numbers on the side of your CF card that works (if it has any) that would help others.

SSD Apr 8, 2003 1:14 PM

Will a Fuji made CF work properly in the S602? I am ready to order the S602 from B&H today, I just need to find a CF that will work since I cannot afford a MD at this time. If so, where can I purchase a Fuji brand CF?
Thanks for all of your input and help! :D

voxmagna Apr 8, 2003 1:50 PM

Which size Fuji card did you say worked? They all 'work', it's just that most (below 30X ??) are not as fast as SM/MD and only record movie for 20 secs.

jinx recommends Transcend 512Mb 30X ultra.

aero23 Apr 8, 2003 3:05 PM

Sorry - evidently they don't ALL work - that's the problem. It's not just a speed problem. My camera would not recognize a brand new SimpleTech CF yet some other digital camera did - I don't happen to have the luxury of trying other brands of CF to see my CF slot is bad (one of the annoying side effects of this CF issue). I got the same response from Fuji as in the first message in this thread - 25% almost helpful, 25% not helpful, 50% thank you very much, please keep buying our products.

BTW - Fuji doesn't make a CF - at least they don't advertise one on the website. I looked for the link I had found a month or two ago but couldn't find it - it showed all the media types Fuji makes - and CF was not one of them.

SSD Apr 8, 2003 3:10 PM

Wolf/Ritz Camera carries a 64 MB Cf card made by Fuji but it is expensive and I would prefer to buy elsewhere if possible. Newegg has good prices but no Fuji CF cards. It may be a Wolf/Ritz exclusive?

I mainly need to know what CF card I can use in the Fuji s602. The brand does not matter if it will work ok with this camera. :D

WmAx Apr 8, 2003 5:24 PM

Search the fuji forum at this topic has been covered several times their, and you will find people listing various brand/models of CF that function properly for the s602.


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