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All reviews claim lack of image stabilization. But, the camera claims to have picture
stabilization. What's the difference??
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Many of the camera companies today offer image stabilization. Some of the companies build the technology into special lenses. Others build the technology into the sensor inside the camera. Fuji does neither of these. They offer a special camera mode that is supposed to compensate for a shaky hand or camera movement in general, but it is simply a combination of higher ISO settings and faster shutter speeds, something that anyone can do on their own in most cases.

All you have to do is look through any of the forums, and you will discover that a lot of people are very critical of Fuji for not offering image stabilization technology like so many of the other companies are offering.
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I am a very ameteur photographer, so please don't think I'm crazy for asking this question, but how important is the image stabilization?? I would purchase the Fuji S6000 in a heartbeat, because it has every feature I want, EXCEPT for the image stabilization.

What do you think?

Thanks! Carolanne

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There are many threads in these forums taking both sides in the IS vs. non-IS wars. Personally, I've managed to live without ever having a camera that had IS. Maybe I don't know what I'm missing, maybe I'm not missing anything. One thing for sure, IS does not help when photographing moving subjects in dim light. Only fast shutter speeds can freeze action. Higher ISO (assuming it doesn't result in unacceptable noise) permits the use of faster shutter speeds. If you were buying an ultra zoom camera with a 400mm (or greater) top end, IS would definitely be useful in reducing the effects of camera shake. Since the S6000 only has a 300mm top end, I don't feel that it is much of a factor. Learn to hold a camera properly, and you shouldn't have a problem. The S6000 is an excellent camera - don't let the lack of IS stop you.

the Hun

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There are those who feel that image stabilization is absolutely essential. They have anecdotal stories to back up their claims. Personally, I have never had a camera with image stabilization. I have a disability and I am quite shaky. The only way I know how to take good sharp pictures is to use a tripod. I don't believe any image stabilization would compensate for my personal problem. A lot of people feel they are above using a tripod. Some seem to feel that photography has progressed to the point that all one should have to do is press the button and they should be published professional photographers. All you have to do is to learn to hold your camera properly, and to use the features of the camera to your benefit. Even with image stabilization every picture isn't going to be perfect. I wouldn't let image stabilization be a determining factor in a camera purchase. But you will possibly hear from others who will be adamant that a camera without it is worthless. Regardless of your decision, it is up to you to take pictures that you like. And I don't believe IS will ever be a consistent determining factor.
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