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Irving Feb 16, 2003 11:39 PM

Connecting Fuji 3800 to win2k pc
I recently obtained a Fuji FinePix 3800 digital camera. I want to be able to dl the images from its xD picture card onto my win2k machine. Trouble is, the software that comes with the camera wants to install all kinds of crap I neither need nor want. I already have Photoshop 7 and am familiar with its use. Other than this, all I need/want is to be able to view the camera and the files it contains as a letter drive in windows explorer so I can perform file operations. I dl'd the USB driver included on the accompanying software cd, thinking the pc would recognize the new hardware & connect it as a drive on reboot, plug & play fashion. Also tried going to "add new hardware" to accomplish this, nogo. A number of years ago I connected a friend's Panasonic digital camera to her win2k machine, and it recognizes the camera's disk as a simple letter drive on which you can manipulate files in the usual manner. How can I accomplish this with my new Fuji without being buried in ads, cutesy features, annoying desktop icons & other unnecessary crap?



pizzamr2 Feb 17, 2003 3:43 AM

I hope you enjoy your new camera.

I got mine just last week.

As for your problem. Win2K and WinXP are almost a like. Well they use the same technology. I think if you install what's on the disc, you'll be fine.

Now if you don't want to install everything, You can open the disc up "explorer" and then just copy the file "INSTALL".

It should be for the program "Finepix Viewer". I noticed that's all you need to connect the USB to your camera.

I use that to download my pictures to my comp and I use "image resizer".

I hope this helps.


voxmagna Feb 17, 2003 7:35 AM

Try this: Connect the cam, install Finepix software (yes you're right about the crap), make sure the cam is found on the usb link. Uninstall Fuji software with link connected. That should wipe out everything, leaving the drivers still there as they are in use.

I can't remember if the 'inf' file is on their cd in uncompressed form, but if it is, just attach the usb link to cam, power pc and wait for the usual add device wizard/ insert other disc.

I got shot of my Finepix stuff ages ago, but there is still a driver left and identifies the cam in 'hardware - usb- devices.'

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