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Default CRC error when loading Finepix EX 3.0

Greetings: I'm new to this board and a new owner of a 602Z. I just tried to install my software on my PC (windows 98 SE) and received this error;
"CRC error: the file C:\program files\finepix viewer\extensions\helpers\FPVCDBK.res\JPN\pretty\h ead2.gif doesn't match file in setup's .Cabfile. The medium from which you are running the setup may be corrupted. Contact your software vendor."
I've been unable to load the EX 3.0 software. I'm not all that computer savy but it seems that the CD may be defective? Does anyone have a remedy that I can employ? Is the fix available on the web? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Your version of FinePix Viewer must be different from mine (3.2). The only files in C:/Program Files/Finepix Viewer/EXTENSIONS/Helpers
are: IMXLauncher.exe and pixela.dat
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Iverskid.... I've got these files in my directory. They're just part of the junk you get with this software. 'JPN' is probably Japan, and they look like support graphics for stuff you'll probably never need.

What I suggest is, do a Scandisk to check your HD before starting, clean the FinePix CD carefully. When you get to the install options, only install the basic cam options. Can't remember what is says in the startup menu, but install as little as possible.

Another option to try, if you have the HD space, make a directory called say 'FinePix' on C:, copy the whole CD to this directory, find the startup file and execute it. Sounds rather like a minor install problem. Good Luck.
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Thanks for the advice. I was able to load the software by just ignoring the gif files that wouldn't load. They appeared to be from the help menu and I don't think they are critical. I'm now beginning to play in earnest. Just want to say that this is a great site with really helpful people. I've been reading the discussions and I'm already learning from all the input. I hope to be a pest then a contributor as I learn this camera. Thanks again!!!!
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