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yakir Dec 5, 2002 8:58 AM

custom white balance for finepix 6900z
i use finepix 6900z.
shooting late in the day i get warm colors .
trying to create neutral color by using the custom white balance (using a white card as instructed in the manual) the colors get very blue!!
i could not solve this in any way unless using a blue card for callibration.
any suggestions?

trialpha Dec 7, 2002 7:16 PM

The same thing can happen to broadcast video cameras in late evening as the sky begins to take on a yellowed look. White balancing on a white card that is tinted yellow by a low sun angle sometimes causes the camera to overcompensate.

Using a blue card is probably your best option for consistent manual balance. See for a set of blue tinted cards. They can give you a warm look mid-day or under HMI light. And when you want to counter the sky's warming effect in late evening the 1/2 warm card in the plus pack can keep the camera from overcompensating as it may with a true white card. I wish you could get the 1/2 warm card by itself - it's probably the most used.


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